This Concealing Base Coat Made My Grand Canyon-Like Ridged Nails Look Healthy and Smooth

Wait until you see the before and after photos.

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if i didn't take before and after photos i wouldn't believe how well this nail concealer worked

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I did my own nails for NYFW at the beginning of February using Après Gel tips. They looked marvelous initially, but after two weeks of wear, I was frustrated by how long my nails were and a little bored with the light pink color I picked. As per usual, I skipped the proper removal process and just ripped them off myself, leaving my nails a ridge-filled jagged mess that I was unable to buff away. I had my always-reliable Dermelect Makeover nail concealer at my disposal, but I decided to try something new though from the same brand — the Transfix Restore and Repair Base Coat

I had high expectations — everything I’ve tried from Dermelect has become a staple of my routine, especially the nail concealer, which I have used so much in a matter of mere months that the bottle is half empty. I have since procured every single product available on the nail care page (no, like literally) and Transfix is another winner.

TRANSFIX Restore & Repair Base Coat


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Transfix is a sheer but slightly tinted beige base coat that is formulated to heal and conceal the damage to nails done by gel treatments, press-ons, and extensions. The key to the formula is a protein derived from the wool of sheep in New Zealand. The protein is aided by emollient and calming sunflower seed oil and antioxidant-rich and flexibility-enhancing vitamin E

Dermelect Transfix Before & After

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Before and after Transfix.

In the photo above, I have painted one coat of Transfix onto my bare nails. They instantly looked healthy and pristine — almost manicured even. It filled the ridges so that my nails don’t have the horrid Grand Canyon-sized grooves and the texture of pumice stone. 

The main difference between this concealer and the Dermelect Makeover is the concealing power and the sparkle-free finish. This is another great Dermelect nail product and my pro tip is to follow up with the Phyto Strong Nail Hardener which expedites the healing time of brittle weak nails exponentially. 

Head to Dermelect to shop the Transfix Restore and Repair Base Coat. While you’re at it, I recommend grabbing Makeover and Phyto Strong, too. 

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