This Dark Circle-Reducing Eye Cream Is So Good, I Question If My Previous Go-To Products Worked At All

More than 3,000 other shoppers agree it’s a must-have.

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This Dark Circle-Reducing Eye Cream Is So Good, I Question If My Previous Go-To Products Worked At All

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When I first noticed the dark eye circles I inherited from the Mediterranean side of my family, I started diligently searching for and trying any and all promising products. The good news is that I’ve actually found a few that I thought I really liked. But the results from Dermelect’s Revitalite Professional Strength are so astounding they reshaped my expectations of what a good eye cream can — and should — do. 

I have the type of dark circles that make me look tired all the time or like I didn’t take my mascara off properly the night before. It’s frustrating; I feel like it ages me, and on very rough days, I’d go so far as to say it makes me look haggard. With Dermelect’s Revitalite, I honestly think I saw an improvement after the first use, but to be sure, I continued using it twice a day for three weeks. 

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The results were everything I’d write on an eye cream wishlist. Revitalite instantly and temporarily reduces my dark circles, but it’s also permanently improved them over time. I’ve noticed that my eyes are less puffy in the mornings, and the remaining puffiness is minimized quickly after applying the cream. 

Some of the ingredients responsible for this borderline sorcery probably won’t mean anything to most people — like eyeseryl and haloxyl, for example. The need-to-know is that in addition to light-reflecting pigments, this combination of ingredients is rich in peptides, which are amino acids needed for the creation of collagen and elastin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while firming the skin. 

As I said, I am thoroughly impressed — but so are over 3,000 five-star reviewers who similarly say that Revitalite “magically gets rid of dark circles.” Another reviewer said, “[it] gets rid of puffiness and eye bags and moisturizes perfectly.” In a final review I’d like to highlight, one shopper wrote, “it reduces my puffy under-eye shadows to the point that they don’t exist.” 

Head to Dermelect to shop Revitalite Professional Strength, the beauty editor- and shopper-approved eye cream for dark circles, puffy eyes, and wrinkles. 

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