Shoppers Say This Dermelect Eye Cream Reduces "Wrinkles, Droopy Lids, and Dullness" in Just 5 Minutes

Our editor also swears by it for dark circles.

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Eye Cream Helps Hold Off on Botox

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It’s easy to say that the fix for tired under-eyes is simply more sleep, but that “solution” isn’t a reality for many. Between genetics, aging, and life taking its toll, dark under-eyes and accompanying fine lines become a norm that no amount of extra zzz’s can shake. So rather than offering a half-baked, “Drink some water, get some rest,” Dermelect introduced an under-eye treatment designed to tackle five common under-eye concerns, and more than 2,800 shoppers — an InStyle editor — are obsessed.

The brand’s Revitalite Professional Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector is a five-in-one treatment that depuffs, firms, and soothes the skin under and around the eyes, as well as lightens and conceals dark circles. It’s essentially a few more hours of sleep in a cream for just $59.

REVITALITE PROFESSIONAL Eyelid & Dark Circle Corrector professional strength


Shop now: $59;

Dermelect’s eye treatment is formulated with signs of aging in mind; eyeseryl and haloxyl depuff and brighten skin, while sesaflash and lightening liftensyl smooth the skin, per the brand. Light-diffusing pigments conceal discoloration, while the metal applicator’s cooling tip instantly depuffs. And shoppers claim to see results in as little as a few minutes.

“Within five minutes, my eye wrinkles, droopy lids, and dullness [were] gone,” wrote a shopper in their 40s who noted that this was the first product they’ve ever tried that delivered on every claim. According to another, “My lines, bags, and wrinkles look much better after one use.” And a shopper over 65 said the treatment allowed them to “hold off” on getting Botox treatments.

In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, many are impressed with how effectively the cream treats dark circles — including our beauty writer, Tamim Alnuweiri. “The results were everything I’d write on an eye cream wishlist. Revitalite instantly and temporarily reduces my dark circles, but it’s also permanently improved them over time,” she said — and customers noticed similar results. “The dark circles under my eyes have already lightened and it’s only been a month,” one wrote. And per a 53-year-old shopper, “I actually went without concealer under my eyes in public for the first time since I was back in school!”

Grab that extra sleep where you can, but when the dark circles and fine lines aren’t budging, opt for Dermelect’s shopper- and editor-loved Revitalite Professional Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector, which you can grab today for $59.

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