The “Miracle” Nail-Strengthening Product Shoppers and Beauty Editors Swear by Is on Sale for $14

Plus, 8 more deals worth shopping from Dermelect's sitewide beauty sale.

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I am guilty of regurgitating that rumor in middle school that human nails are actually the exact same as elephant tusks, just shorter (a know-it-all who knew nothing). It was the go-to shocking fact that was based more in fiction than science, one that I’ve since replaced with an actually true statement that — still — kind of shocks me: Our nails and our skin aren’t that different. 

Despite having a similar composition on a cellular level, I have long taken an individualized approach to each. If I were to make a venn diagram of brands I use for my skin and those I use for my nails, there would be no overlap. Then I heard coworkers talking about a brand that made their eye bags disappear and their brittle nails strong, and realized that perhaps my “different despite being similar” approach wasn’t the smartest. Luckily, that very brand just launched a sitewide sale.

Now through April 29, you can take 25 percent off Deremelect’s entire lineup with the code MOMDAY, including it’s reparative base coat, color-corrective eye cream, and fine-line treatment shoppers say made their upper lip wrinkles “practically non-existent.” Everything is on sale, but if you’re not sure where to start, we rounded up the brand’s eight essentials, with prices starting at just $14.

The brand’s Smoothing Ridge Nail Filler has been the ‘It’ product at InStyle, with one beauty writer saying that it smoothed their “Grand Canyon-like ridges” and another adding that it “instantly fixed” their “dry, brittle nails.” Using keratin and Pentavitin — a moisture-binding agent, per the brand — the treatment protects and strengthens dry, broken, and generally damaged nails, while the sheer pink hue adds an elegant touch. According to shoppers, the treatment effectively “promotes growth and strengthens” nails, with one noting that theirs are “growing much faster than normal.” Another called it a “miracle,” writing their splitting nails that “wouldn’t grow past a certain point” now “look so healthy.”

MAKEOVER Smoothing Ridge Filler


Shop now: $14 with code MOMDAY (originally $18);

In terms of skin, Dermelect’s Eyelid and Dark Circle Corrector is a must. InStyle’s Tamim Alnuwieri called the results “everything I’d write on an eye cream wishlist.” She explained that it not only “instantly and temporarily reduced [her] dark circles, but it also permanently improved them over time,” adding that, in addition to treating discoloration, it also noticeably minimized her puffiness. And more than 2,900 shoppers agree, many of whom raved about the tightening abilities. Per one shopper in their 60s, the cream allowed them to “hold off on [their] Botox treatment,” and according to another, after a week they noticed the “skin around [their] eyes appearing tighter and the crow's feet lessened.”

REVITALITE PROFESSIONAL Eyelid & Dark Circle Corrector


Shop now: $44 with code MOMDAY (Originally $59);

And more than 12,600 customers are obsessed with the brand’s Retinol Trifecta Serum. This serum is formulated with three forms of the age-defying ingredient: retinol, retinol palmitate, and retinyl acetate. But despite what might look like an intimidating lineup, this Trifecta Serum is created to be gentle, per the brand, slowly releasing to minimize the risk of irritation while still giving you the benefits you want in a retinol (like wrinkle smoothing and sun spot fading). Shoppers over 65 say they can’t “be without it,” describing the feel like “silk” and their skin post-retinol as “less strained” and “softer.” One even wrote that after just two weeks, their skin wasn’t just “noticeably smoother” in appearance, “but in touch, too.”

OUTCREASE Retinol Trifecta Serum


Shop now: $29 with code MOMDAY (Originally $39); 

Stock up on shopper- and editor-favorites that treat everything from aging skin to damaged nails during Dermelect’s sitewide sale. Use code MOMDAY at checkout for 25 percent off.

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