This $18 Nail Concealer Makes My Nails So Strong and Healthy, I’m Leaving Them Polish-Free

It’s my go-to alternative for the viral version that’s always sold out.

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this $18 nail concealer is a dupe for the always sold out viral alternative

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I’m really into doing my nails. What started as a way to save money has turned into a mindfulness and self-care exercise that I now look forward to. But while I love doing my own nails, the ideal removal process has evaded me. More often than not, I find myself prying the Aprés Gel tips off of my fingers, a process which damages my nails and leaves them thin, brittle, and full of ridges. 

So for the past few weeks, I’ve given my nails a breather. While researching the best method of nail polish removal, I’m letting my nails heal under the supervision of restorative strengthening products. I’ve cycled through a few, but Dermelect’s Makeover ridge-filler nail concealer and treatment is the best I’ve found so far. 

The product type is relatively new to me, but a polish that nourishes, brightens, and conditions nails while hiding imperfections and neutralizing discoloration? Sold! There is a similar product that went viral on Instagram (and as a result, is always sold out), but Dermelect’s Makeover is just as impressive. 

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler

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As I previously mentioned, my nails have been… gross. They’re weak and they bend and break often. They’re dry and have ridges that are Grand Canyon-level bad. But Dermelect’s Makeover is fixing my nails using a dual short-term and long-term approach. 

The short-term benefits were instant and such a relief both aesthetically and texturally. One coat of Dermelect’s nail concealer and my abused nails looked hydrated and glossy, with a natural-pinkish hue that disguised the yellow stains. When I have this on, I can run my fingers over my nails without wanting to jump out of my skin.

Those aforementioned benefits would have been enough to make me a regular user, but ingredients like keratin and Pentavitin showed me the product’s impressive long-term results. You are probably aware of keratin, a protein that strengthens nails; Pentavitin, on the other hand, is a patented, plant-derived moisturizer that hydrates dry skin. 

Dermelect nail care

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My nails after one week of Dermelect Makeover. 

After eight days of wear, I took Makeover off and noticed that even without it on, my nails were thicker, stronger, and had a smooth and even texture. When I’ve tried to keep my nails bare in the past, I’ve given up because of the sight and feel of their unhealthiness, weakness, and splintering. Now, my nails are healing quickly. Head to Dermelect to get the $18 Makeover nail concealer. If your hands need extra TLC, I recommend the Nail Recovery System which includes a cuticle cream and thickening top coat. 

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