Shoppers in Their 40s Say This Non-Irritating Retinol Makes Their Skin Look “Brighter” and “More Fresh”

While tackling fine lines, of course.

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Shoppers Say This Non-Irritating Retinol “Changed” Their “Skin for the Better”

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There’s usually one “miracle” skincare product in everyone’s bathroom cabinet – well, everyone’s but mine. After trying one chemical exfoliant years ago that left me broken out and patchy, I’ve steered clear of any product described as “needing to start slow.” One utterance of that phrase and I’m out, sure the solution in question is too harsh for my reactive skin. As such, retinol, the product many swear counteracts aging, has never found a permanent spot in my nighttime routine. That is until I stumbled across one that shoppers have called “gentle on sensitive skin,” and it’s making me reconsider my stance.

Everyone from Oprah to Cindy Crawford to InStyle editors have used Dermalogica, with the celebrity- and editor-approved brand’s Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum quickly becoming a shopper-favorite. This serum is made of a retinoid complex (which includes three types of retinols), nourishing squalene, and hydrating beta-glucan. The formula is designed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles while evening your complexion. In clinical studies, users saw a reduction in their wrinkles, pores, dark spots, and texture in just two weeks, per the brand. And despite being a high-dose retinol (3.5 percent, to be exact), many shoppers note that it’s surprisingly non-irritating, and a great place to start for those looking to “ease into retinols but still see results.”

Dynamic Skin Retinol Serum


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One shopper in their 40s who has been “fighting aging with a passion” found most retinols to be too harsh on their “dry, sensitive skin,” but noted that “after using this serum daily for a week” not only did they experience no irritation, but found that their skin looked “more fresh” and “brighter.” And another shopper with reactive skin wrote, “I used this retinol for the past three weeks and I noticed skin texture and reduced my fine lines and wrinkles.”

But this isn’t just for those of us whose skin tends to flare up (though it does seem to work for us) – customers across the board love this serum, which has over 400 five-star ratings. One, who has deemed the Dynamic Skin retinol a “must-have in every skin care routine,” wrote, “This product has…changed my skin for the better,” adding that, “I have such a youthful glow due to this product.”

If sensitive skin has held you back from dipping your toes into skincare’s fountain of youth (AKA retinol), grab this Dermalogica retinol serum that flare up-prone shoppers swear by. 

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