Shoppers in Their 60s Say Their Eyes Look “Brighter and Younger” Thanks to This New Caffeine-Infused Gel

Customers like that it glides on “smoothly” and isn’t greasy.

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Shoppers Say This Caffeine-Infused Eye Gel Makes Tired Under-Eyes Look “Refreshed” in Minutes

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There are many ways we can fight fatigue (I favor cold brew with breakfast and Diet Coke with lunch), but nothing’s more tried-and-true than just getting more Zs. But how condescending is that to hear? “Oh, you’re tired? Just sleep!” The same can be said for the eye bags that accompany, which between genetics and age, can’t always be cured by hitting snooze (no matter how many times your genetically-blessed, fresh-faced friend swears by water and rest).

So to give you the appearance of being well-rested, Dermalogica tapped the treatment most of us swear by for waking our bodies up: Caffeine. The brand’s newest eye gel is infused with the energy-boosting ingredient, and shoppers say the depuffing results are almost immediate. 

awaken peptide depuffing eye gel


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Dermalogica — a brand that’s been used by Cindy Crawford, Selena Gomez, and Oprah — recently launched its Awake Peptide Depuffing Eye Gel to help revive tired under-eyes. The treatment is designed to tackle everything from puffiness to discoloration and even fine lines and wrinkles, with a lineup of effective ingredients including inflammation-reducing caffeine, firming peptides, and soothing rosemary leaf extract, per the brand. 

The gel is designed to be fast-acting, with a study conducted by the brand concluding that users looked more well-rested after just 10 minutes of application. And according to shoppers, it’s true. “[I] saw a difference right away,” wrote one. And others noted a substantial improvement after just a few applications. “After using [this] for a few days I can already see a difference. My eyes are less puffy,” a 71-year-old customer wrote. And according to a shopper over 60, the gel makes their eyes “appear brighter and younger,” noting an improvement in firmness and elasticity. A final shopper confirmed that the product made their “tired eyes…look refreshed.”

And in addition to making under-eyes “dewy” and as well as “less puffy, smooth, and less wrinkled,” shoppers love how the Awaken gel feels. “I like the lightness of the gel and [how] it glides on smoothly,” wrote a shopper who was searching for something not quite as heavy as standard creams. Customers also note that “it blends easily and is not too greasy or oily.”

A few more minutes of sleep might not make a noticeable difference in our fatigue, but with Dermalogica’s eye gel, 10 minutes can make the difference between “tired” and “refreshed.” For firmer, brighter under-eyes in minutes, grab the brand’s newly released Awaken Peptide Depuffing Eye Gel for just $59.

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