This Quick-Drying Nail Polish System Gives Me Long-Lasting, Gel-Like Results

For a professional-looking mani at home.

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Quick Drying Mani Kit Review

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I’m pretty obsessed with my nails, and as a beauty writer and product-tester, I try out a lot of products. Some weeks, I might be applying and removing more nail polish than a celebrity manicurist — or at least it feels that way. And my nails can really take a beating with all that typing (and deleting) when I’m on deadline.

Over the years, I’ve tried gel manicures many times. And while I love the long-lasting benefits, my nails ended up becoming so damaged and sensitive afterward, the process is not worth it. Luckily, there’s a healthier alternative to gel manicures that’s long-lasting, looks perfect, and only uses clean ingredients. Every single time I use the Dazzle Dry Mini Kit, I get countless compliments — everyone assumes it’s a gel manicure. 

Dazzle Dry Mini Kit 4 Step System


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The four-step system includes a bottle of Nail Prep to cleanse, sanitize, and moisturize, a base coat formulated with flexible rubbery polymers, the actual lacquer, which comes in over 160 trendy and classic colors, and the self-leveling high gloss top coat that’s the secret behind the kits pro-looking finish. Even if you’re not experienced with doing your own nails, it’s pretty hard to mess up this step-by-step system. 

And let me just say, it really looks like a professional gel manicure. I’m not sure how they do it, but it has that opacity and extra shine that’s usually only attainable through a salon. Dazzle Dry also doesn’t chip; the first I saw any wear or tear was after four or five days. It’s also a great polish to try for when you need a quick pick-me-up since the polishes apply evenly and dry incredibly quickly. Reviewers rave about the brand as well, with one saying “Until Dazzle [Dry], I've never been able to do my own nails. [Just] five minutes and it's dry and [it] lasts at least a week — usually longer.”

Silva Nahabedian, Dazzle Dry’s Director of Education, offered a few tips for achieving the perfect manicure, suggesting you thoroughly wash your hands to make sure they’re free of oil or lotion. When using the Nail Prep,she suggests saturating one cotton round per hand and scrubbing your nails thoroughly. “Get into all the crevices of your side walls to make sure they are squeaky clean before applying [the] base coat.” Following,  apply two full layers of base coat, allowing each layer to dry thoroughly. Then, continue with polish and a layer of top coat.

The best part? You can remove it with traditional nail polish remover. Sadly, you can’t use any of the Dazzle Dry components with regular nail polishes, since “Dazzle Dry is scientifically engineered to function as a system,” Nahabedian told InStyle.  

Dazzle Dry’s mini kits contain everything you need to get started. Get yours for $38 at Amazon.

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