What You Should Know About Daxxify, the New Botox Alternative

It's got the beauty world buzzing.


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After 20 years on the market and as the first FDA-approved treatment to minimize the look of wrinkles in your face, Botox is a household name. In fact, although there are other neurotoxins on the market — like Dysport and Xeomen — that serve the same purpose as Botox, people often say ‘Botox’ to refer to any neurotoxin injection, even if they are getting a completely different brand.

But even with two decades of established dominance in the industry, could Botox soon be dethroned as the neurotoxin of choice?

If you’re tuned into the aesthetics industry at all, chances are you’ve heard about Daxxify, a new botulinum wrinkle treatment that just received FDA approval. As the first innovation in the market in years, it’s getting plenty of buzz — mainly because it lasts longer than its predecessors.

We asked dermatology certified nurse practitioner Allie McAllister, who offers Daxxify at her Lemmon Avenue Atlanta practice, to give us her insight into the new neuromodulator that just might be a game-changer.   

What is Daxxify?

“Daxxify is the same neurotoxin we’re all familiar with and have been using with Dysport, Botox, and Xeomin,” explains McCallister. “The key difference is that there is a peptide attached to the neurotoxin. We believe that is what is allowing more of the active ingredients to be absorbed by the muscles.”

Daxxify is approved to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles, just like the neurotoxins you’re used to getting, and can also be used to decrease sweating in your palms and armpits and even injected into your head to help decrease migraines — just like its predecessors.

How does Daxxify compare to Botox?

All neurotoxins need a stabilizer to help facilitate their journey into your muscles, and Botox and Dysport use proteins for that job. Daxxify, however, uses a peptide, making it the first of its kind. Not only is that peptide making Daxxify last longer, but it also means that Daxxify is the first vegan neurotoxin on the market. Of course we know that peptides are frequently used in our topical skincare to help hydrate, tighten, and firm the skin, so Daxxify’s origin story isn’t all that surprising.

In an effort to develop a topical product that offers the same results as Botox, scientists attached a peptide to the neurotoxin hoping it would help guide the neurotoxin through the skin and into the muscle. While they didn’t succeed in creating a topical Botox replacement, they did discover that when injected, their creation offered superior wrinkle reducing results.

What results can I expect?

While Botox and Dysport typically last three to four months, Daxxify lasts on average six months for patients. People are also finding that it kicks in more quickly, as well.

“The very first patient that I injected with Daxxify was one of my friends who came in from out of town,” shares McAllister. “We could see it working in her forehead the very next day, which was really fun.”

Considering it usually takes a minimum of three or four days to see the initial results of Botox, and takes up to 10 days for full results, the accelerated timeline Daxxify offers is definitely big news for the aesthetics industry. 

Cost: Daxxify vs. Botox 

Because it lasts longer, you can expect Daxxify to cost roughly 50% more than what you’re paying for Botox. So if you’re paying $13 per unit of Botox, you will likely pay around $20 per unit of Daxxify.

How can I find out if I'm a candidate for Daxxify? 

Any patient who is a candidate for neurotoxins in general is a candidate for Daxxify. That means it’s a no-go if you’re pregnant or nursing, but otherwise, you’ve got a green light. And if you’ve noticed recently that your Botox or Dysport isn’t lasting as long as it used to, Daxxify might be exactly what you need.

“Sometimes people’s bodies will build up a resistance to Botox, and they’ll stop getting their usual three to four months out of it,” says McAllister. “We’re also seeing a heightened immune response because of COVID vaccines, so we’re seeing neurotoxin resistance stemming from that, as well.”

What to Consider Before Getting Daxxify 

From longer lasting results to kicking in sooner, the benefits of Daxxify seem to be copious, so are there any downsides to the new ‘tox?

“Since your results will last longer, it is of the utmost importance that you go to a trusted provider with lots of experience with your unique anatomy,” says McAllister. “I’ve been injecting Daxxify in patients I see regularly. People whose ‘recipe’ of where and how much Botox or Dysport we inject is perfected.”

The Bottom Line 

So the question on my mind and I’m guessing yours, too, is simple: Is Daxxify the new Botox?

With it offering so many positives, will it soon push Botox out as queen of the neurotoxins? McAllister says no — at least for now.

“I don’t see it as a Botox replacement at this time, but it will be interesting to see where the market goes,” she says. “Now that Daxxify has FDA approval and is working so well, it’s going to be a big inspiration for other companies, and I think we’re about to see an explosion of similar neuromodulators hit the market.”

Oh, and one last thing: McAllister is an early adapter offering Daxxify at her practice, so if your injector of choice doesn’t offer it yet, it’s likely just a matter of time. Many more practices will begin offering Daxxify in 2023.

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