Dakota Johnson Wore the Least Controversial Denim Trend Basically Everyone Can Agree On

They strike the perfect balance between skinnies and baggy jeans.

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Dakota Johson Wide Leg Jeans


If baggy jeans aren’t for you, don’t worry: I get it. It took me a while to get on board with the ultra-voluminous blues, but TBH, the second I sipped into a pair, I 100 percent understood why celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Katie Holmes were putting them on so frequently. They’re easy! They're breezy! They’re beautiful (in my eyes, at least)! I like that they’re the complete opposites of skinnies — the tight-fitting pants are not for me. But if you’re finding yourself saying, “Eva, neither of these styles are my cup of tea, girl,” I have a solution.

With that, I ask you to turn your attention to Dakota Johnson’s latest take on the Canadian tuxedo. Her denim-on-denim ‘fit included a structured denim jacket with eye-catching seam detailing, a gray turtleneck sweater that peeked from underneath the topper, Gucci Jackie 1961 bag, chunky black boots, and last but certainly not least, a pair of wide-leg jeans that I think most people can get on board with. 

Wide-leg jeans like Johnson’s have been around for years, but they seem like the least talked about silhouette for the simple fact that they're, well, so not controversial. We’ve heard the pros and cons of skinnies so often, we can recite the arguments in our sleep (too tight but great for boot-tucking!), and we've also heard the yays and nays of baggy jeans, but wide-leg styles offer the perfect happy-medium. They’re not too tight, they’re not too voluminous, they’re just right.

The thing with wide-leg jeans is that they offer the same amount of comfort and breathability of an ultra-baggy pair because they still have more leg room. And with blues like Johnson’s, the volume is usually more evenly-spread throughout the entire pant leg, as it starts from the lower thigh and moves down toward the feet. It’s more fitted where you might want it to be, like in the butt, and billowy at the bottom for a little sway with each step. But unlike baggy jeans, wide-leg options don’t feel overwhelming, especially if you’re petite. 

Wide-leg pants are universally flattering and versatile. Plus, they’ll never go out of style. Baggy jeans, on the other hand, might eventually fade out of the spotlight, but their more toned-down cousin will remain a favorite for years to come. Thanks to Johnson’s latest look, I’m now inspired to wear wide-leg jeans. Shop some of the best styles from Mother, BlankNYC, Joe’s Jeans, and Frame, below. 

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