I Noticed Healthier, More Hydrated Strands After Just One Use of This Hair Mask

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Dae Hair Mask Review


As someone who used to not take hair health too seriously, it’s comical that I’m now writing a review of the hair mask that actually changed the way I look at hair health. I would always grab whatever I thought were the best drugstore hair products, thinking, “Why would I pay more for these products when they won’t make a difference?” Well, I’m here to tell you that I was wrong – and this hair mask from Dae is the proof.

When Dae sent over the hair mask for me to try, I never imagined it would have had the effect it did. It’s made of the brand’s signature prickly pear seed oil, which contains vitamin E, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants for massive hydration, plus cactus flower extract and cocoa seed butter to strengthen the hair shaft, repair damage, and supply the hair with essential nutrients. 

Even more, the hair mask is free of both parabens and sulfates, made of recyclable packaging, and is great to use on all hair types. For some context, I have fine, medium-length hair that gets dyed every two to three months. It gets a fair amount of heat between my hair dryer and curler, so it’s subject to some damage.

Dae Hair Mask Review

Courtesy of Olivia Hanson

As a scent-fanatic, the first thing I did upon opening the package was give it a smell test. It has a subtle, yet refreshing scent that lingers in my hair post-use.  I followed the directions as they state, shampooing my hair before applying the mask. The mask has a thick but smooth texture that makes it easy to lather through my hair. I made sure my hair was saturated with the mask, applying generously to both the ends and under-side of my hair.

dae Monsoon Moisture Mask


Shop now: $28; sephora.com and daehair.com

All it took was a 10-minute wait for my hair to go from dry and dehydrated to nourished and silky. Of course, I didn’t feel it right away. I first rinsed the mask out of my hair and used my shower hair comb to ensure it washed off my scalp, then blow-dried my hair using my Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer. I could feel the results immediately; my hair was hydrated and smooth after only the first use.

I used the hair mask, which comes in a large, 8-ounce container, one to two times a week for about six months. I saw improvement with every application, and  now, I constantly get comments from hair stylists on how healthy my hair is. 

Some other Dae products I’ve also tested and adored: the Prickly Pear Hair Oil and the Prickly Pear Hair and Body Mist. The fragrance of both of these is absolutely divine. Sephora reviewers compare it to the scent of Fruity Pebbles — I agree, and frankly, am here for it. The Prickly Pear Hair Oil is a nice, lightweight oil that provides all-day hydration without weighing your hair down. 

If you’re looking for unquestionably more hydrated and healthy hair, I highly recommend Dae’s appropriately named Monsoon Moisture Mask. Shop it for $28 on both Dae’s website or Sephora. It turned this skeptic into a believer.

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