I Tried the $380 LED Face Mask Used in ‘Emily in Paris,’ and It Reduced My Crater-Like Pores

It’s worth the investment.

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Emily in Paris LED Mask Review

Netflix/ InStyle

Lily Collins’ porcelain skin is enough to sell me any beauty product, even if through a Netflix show. The third season of Emily in Paris brought many eyebrow-raising fashion moments (as per usual), and now, a beauty product everybody wants to get their hands on: the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask

The CurrentBody mask is no new revelation for anyone keeping up with beauty trends. Red LED and infrared lights are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, speed up healing, fight off bacteria, and increase collagen production, with infrared being the more effective of the two. These work by penetrating below the skin's surface to stimulate and speed up the natural skin rejuvenation process that happens during sleep; simply put, this is the production of new skin cells. 

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The (albeit pricey) CurrentBody LED mask has the same clinically-proven wavelengths as similar machines used in salons and is safe for at-home use. (Safety when using products like this is the most important first step — the brand specifies that users test the mask on their arm before completing the treatment on their face.) The mask is a 10-minute daily treatment to be done five times per week, on cleansed skin; I do it before using my nighttime skincare products. Safety goggles are provided, though CurrentBody states that “there is never a risk of having too much exposure," so they are optional. 

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask


Shop now: $355 with code WKENDSAVE (Originally $380); us.currentbody.com

To say I’ve had an uphill battle with my skin is an understatement. Despite now being well into my 20s, I still have regular breakouts, an oily t-zone and large pores (which I endearingly liken to craters). At first, I was sceptical about the mask for a few reasons; the product is mainly marketed as being anti-aging, claiming it can reduce wrinkles by 35 percent in four weeks, and it is definitely on the high-end of pricey skincare tools. I’m glad to report that after using it for a few months, I’m pleasantly surprised. 

This is not an overnight fix, but rather an easy-to-incorporate bit of skincare tech, and is a one-time investment into your self-care routine. I’ve been using it consistently and noticed my pores have become drastically reduced. Plus, my skin used to absorb my makeup throughout the day, and by the end, I’d have nothing left on my face — but now, my foundation actually stays put. My skin generally looks healthier; living in a cold climate means not much exposure to the sun, but now I have that back-from-vacation sun-kissed glow (and it was ultimately cheaper than a beach-side break).

You can currently snag the CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask on sale for $355 with the code WKENDSAVE at checkout, or go for the six-piece gift set available on Amazon, which includes five full-size products like hydrogel face masks formulated for the product and a hyaluronic acid serum, for $499. Either way, your skin will thank you.

 CurrentBody Skin The Oh. My. Glow. Collection - Six-piece Gift Set


Shop now: $499; amazon.com

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