I Own 7 Pairs of Crocs, and Here’s How I Rank Each Style

From sandals to platform clogs.

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If anyone had told me in 2019 that I would fall madly in love with Crocs the following year, I would've been speechless and in disbelief. My former fashion-forward, New York City-dweller self once gagged at the sight of Crocs, which is hilarious, considering I can't live without them now. The most low-stakes change of 2020 — my new affinity for these comfy shoes — became a vital one for my mental health. These easy-to-slip on shoes helped me get out the door on days I had zero energy or motivation. 

Similar to many InStyle editors, my relationship with fashion and function has evolved thanks to the pandemic. I care less about wearing what's "appropriate" and focus more on how clothes make me feel, whether that’s confident or cozy. Whenever anyone tells me they hate Crocs, I’m not afraid to share exactly why I love them: They’re convenient, comfortable, and so fun to style. I have converted so many people into Crocs-lovers, and now that Crocktober is over, I’m enlisting you next. I ranked every style I own to help you find the right pair for your lifestyle and wardrobe. Keep scrolling for my opinions.

Crush Clog



As a shopping editor, I frequently test Crocs, and these are hands down the best pair I’ve ever received. They come in so many cute colors, from neutrals to vibrant hues; I own the color ‘bone’ and find myself reaching for these shoes time and time again. They’re adorable, on-trend, and easy to style for errands, meetups, and even nights out. I particularly like the shoes’ chunky, bubble-like wedge heel because it adds an extra umph to any outfit. 

Shop now: $44–55; crocs.com

Baya Seasonal Printed Clog



I snagged the notorious Strawberry Crocs back in 2020, and while they’re a little worn down, I get compliments on them to this day. These clogs are my go-to for chores, errands, and even airport travel because I can slip them on and off with no problem and stay comfortable in them for hours at a time. If the strawberry design isn’t your style, don’t fret: These shoes are available in other funky patterns, such as palm trees, daisies, and more.

Shop now: $41 (Originally $55); crocs.com

Classic Clog



This iconic style features everything people love about Crocs: a slip-on design for convenience, a pivoting heel strap for security, and 28 ventilation ports for breathability and personalization. Each port holds one Jibbitz, Crocs’ signature shoe charm that can be added to deck out your pair. Pop some in for extra flair and make sure to pair these clogs with socks on chillier days. You’ll find yourself wearing them just about everywhere. Thankfully, you can scrub them clean with soap and water. 

Shop now: $40–50; crocs.com

Swimwater Sandal



The first pair of Crocs I ever owned were sandals. I didn’t know they were Crocs at the time, but my mom bought me a pair for a trip to Ecuador, and I haven’t let go of them since. They’re the only shoes I’ll wear to the beach — yes, even over flip flops. I can rinse sand off and wear them all day without hearing a suction-y, slapping noise. That’s a big win in my book. 

Shop now: $35; crocs.com

Classic Translucent Smiley Clog

Classic Translucent Smiley Clog


Crocs collaborates with high-profile brands, entertainers, and designers all the time. I purchased a pair in collaboration with Smiley last year, and the style sold out within an hour. They cost more than Crocs’ typical clogs, but came with exclusive Jibbitz. While I love my Smiley Clogs, I rarely wear them and, in retrospect, wouldn’t have spent more than $50 on them. I don’t believe that Crocs’ collaboration clogs are worth the price, unless you’re a big collector.

Shop now: crocs.com

Classic Platform Clog



Once upon a time, I ranked these shoes quite high, but Crocs’ new Crush Clogs blew this style out of the water. The Classic Platform Clog has similar pros to Crush, like its selection of cute colors and slight wedge heel. However, the style reads more like granny shoes — or worse — nursing shoes to me now. 

Shop now: $45; crocs.com

Classic Lined Clog



At the bottom of my list is the Classic Lined Clog. In theory, I love these shoes. Who doesn’t want Ugg-inspired Crocs? I did, until they showed up on my doorstep. Lined with faux fur, these shoes seriously shed upon first wear. Maybe that was a fluke because thousands of Crocs shoppers can’t seem to stop buying them. These shoes have over 8,000 five-star reviews, with multiple customers saying they wear this pair every day.  Personally, I’m going to stick with my unlined clogs and wear them with cozy socks whenever I want. 

Shop now: $45–$50; crocs.com

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