Selena Gomez Complimented Me on the Perfume That Strangers Stop Me in the Street to Ask About

Yes, really.

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Selena Gomez Perfume

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Last week I met Selena Gomez (I know, brag) at a party celebrating the launch of Rare Beauty’s new Soft Pinch Lip Oils. When I approached Selena and we went in for a hug, she remarked something to the effect of, “You smell great!” (I was too stunned to recall her exact wording.) While it was disarming to be complimented by someone of her star status, it was not exactly surprising: Strangers frequently stop me on the street when I’m wearing Costa Brazils’ Aroma Eau de Parfum.

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I was loyal to a single Byredo perfume before I met Costa Brazil’s scent. I had flirted with and even considered some other options, but none were as good — or better — than the signature scent I was wearing. The Oprah-Approved brand’s Aroma perfume is, evidently, a whole different thing; it smells like the mist settling on tree trunks in the Amazon right before dusk breaks. 


Violet Grey

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The scent is masculine and intense at first, almost overwhelmingly so, but those are just the top notes of the perfume. After about 30 seconds it settles into the skin and the white floral and grapefruit notes cut through and alleviates the foundation of wood and musk. I’d go as far as saying Costa Brazil’s Parfum is versatile and fit for every season. In the cold months of winter, catching whiffs of it when I nuzzle my face into my scarf makes me think of cedar lodges in the mountains. In the summer, the salt of my sweat mixes with it and provides a satisfying contrast to the sweet notes, like when you add salt to caramel. 

As far as perfumes go I consider the $198 price tag to be pretty standard for the luxury class. Plus, this is not the type of perfume you spritz yourself with several times — I do one full spray while shimmying under the mist to ensure it’s dispersed well. 

If you’re looking for a perfume that lasts all day, this is the one for you; I especially love the way I can still smell it on shirts I’m wearing for the second time. And of course, it’s hard not to love something that gets me compliments every time I wear it, especially when that group of people now includes Selena Gomez.

Head to Violet Grey to shop Costa Brazil’s Aroma Eau de Parfum. 

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