Strangers Literally Stop Me in the Street to Ask How I Smell So Good — Here's My Secret

I ditched the perfume I wore for 15 years for this scent.

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Costa Brazil Aroma

Courtesy Costa Brazil

I first heard of Costa Brazil through a fashion industry veteran; he asked me if I was familiar with Francisco Costa’s (Women's Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection) new beauty brand. I wasn’t, but thankfully that changed because I have had a wholehearted obsession with Costa Brazil since. And most of that is all due to the brand’s first perfume, Aroma

I inherited my mom’s firm belief in a signature scent since I first started wearing perfume. It was Marc Jacobs’ Daisy as a teenager, and then from college onwards, it’s been Byredo’s Gypsy Water. But Costa Brazils’ Aroma is so divine that for the first time in my life, I have inaugurated a second perfume into my routine. 

The unisex perfume is housed in a clean and minimal, sustainably-sourced white ash wood box that perfectly mirrors the fragrance notes waiting for you inside. A small spritz will release a woodsy, musky fragrance accentuated and perked up by notes of flowers and grapefruit. When I think of the perfume, I see a white flower with large petals growing at the base of a tree trunk, dotted in mist and saturation while the sun rises in the Amazonian Rainforest. (Something somewhat reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac’s Tango in the Night album cover.) 

Costa Brazil Aroma Eau de Parfum

Costa Brazil

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I am enamored with the warm, comforting scent and that is enough but there’s been an added bonus which is that I have been stopped by numerous strangers marveling at how incredible I smell. 

This is a lasting, powerful scent; one spritz gets the job done and two spritzes will have you getting whiffs of the fragrance for a couple of days. I think this is what makes it so entrancing — I’ve come to think I subtly and delightfully announce my presence as the people surrounding me first pick up on the citrus notes which eventually give way to a smoky woodiness. 

Besides the scent literally improving my day, it’s almost made me more social in a sense. I have never had so many conversations with strangers before — someone riding in the elevator, while checking out at the grocery store, at the Museum of the City of New York gift shop, at a dimly lit dive bar, etc. It really has been a transformative experience. 

The last thing I’ll highlight is that the wood packaging is refillable. Should you run out of Aroma (which I most certainly will) you can slide off the base and replace it with a new glass bottle. And, if you are willing to forgo the wood box, you can simply opt for the refill for $150 ($49 less)

Obviously, I love it for myself, but the chic packaging and the ritual-like experience of unboxing this treat also make it a great gift for even the pickiest people in your life. Head to Costa Brazil to peruse the scent and its other fragrance, skin and body care products. 

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