Shoppers Swear These Pimple Patches Deliver “Instant Results” — and I'm Obsessed With Them, Too

I wake up to clearer skin every time.

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I’ve waxed poetic about pimple patches in the past, and I don’t intend to stop. Nor do skincare brands, apparently, which have churned out some truly stellar takes on the original concept over the past few years.

Of all the patches proliferating in the market, however, CosRX has remained my gold standard. Fellow early adopters will know its maker, Korean skincare brand CosRX, which — depending on whom you ask — started the blemish sticker concept as a whole. 



Shop now: $6–$11 (Originally $14); and

The CosRX patches flatten raised blemishes, rendering them significantly less prominent; moreover, they lessen redness by calming pimple-induced inflammation. I’m continually awestruck by the speed and efficacy these patches work. For instance, I’ve stuck them over raised, inflamed blemishes before bed and woken to a much less angry-looking pimple come morning. 

The patches derive pimple-pummeling powers from the material with which they’re made: medical-grade hydrocolloid. (No ointments or acids involved.) According to Nidah Barber-Raymond, a licensed esthetician and founder of The Peel Connection, hydrocolloid is incredibly absorbent; absorbent enough to draw pus and debris from deep within a blemish.

Another benefit: The patches create an occlusive layer between pimples and, well, everything else — be it a fleeting urge to pick or the surrounding environment. In doing so, they “can prevent the spread of bacteria and dirt,” Barber-Raymond says. In a similar vein, the barrier “keep[s] the area hydrated, which can help [the skin] heal faster.” 

Arranged like sticker sheets, the patches are simple to peel away and apply on a whim. Each box contains three patch sizes for added convenience. Shoppers are enthralled with the CosRX pimple patches as much as I am. One reviewer says, “I wear these to bed and wake up with instant results,” while another says, “These are the best [pimple patches] in terms of efficacy and pricing.” I concur. 

You can get a single pack of 24 patches from Ulta for just $6, or for a limited time, a three pack of 96 patches for 22 percent off on Amazon. I’m stocking up. Why not prepare for the inevitable blemishes in the future?

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