Karlie Kloss’s Actually Stylish Compression Socks Keep Puffy Feet at Bay on Long Flights

They’re an InStyle-approved pick, too.

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Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks

TBH, I’m painfully sedentary. And by that, I mean I quite literally experience back pain due to inactivity. My twin sister, on the other hand, is a military attorney who delights in 5 a.m. runs and plank-holding contests with friends. Despite the Grand Canyon-sized discrepancy in our commitment to physical activity, she and I agree: Walking, running — and yes, even sitting for hours on end — all feel miles better when we’re wearing Comrad Compression Socks.

Droves of fashionable fans, including supermodel Karlie Kloss, who has waxed poetic about her own knee-high Comrad socks, share our love for the brand. (Shop Kloss’s picks, compiled on Comrad’s site.) Moreover, InStyle editors also approve: Comrad’s knee-highs earned InStyle’s pick for best compression socks of 2023.

Knee-High Compression Socks


Shop now: $32; amazon.com, comrad.com

Comrad socks are a modern spin on the classic compression stockings — socks designed to increase blood flow and prevent blood pooling at the feet. Compression socks have typically been clinical and dowdy-looking, Comrad’s are genuinely stylish — even statement-making. Available in myriad colors and patterns, the socks come in both knee-high and ankle-grazing styles, in addition to wide-calf sizes, providing ample optionality for an array of uses. Like all compression socks, Comrad’s are measured by the official medical terminology, mmHg, which denotes the level of compression intensity, or tightness, of the sock. Categorized into “light,” “medium,” or “firm” levels of compression, with the mmHg ranges falling into one of the three, Comrad simplifies the process of choosing the best level of compression for your needs.

The socks are for runners, pregnant people, jetsetters, people who spend long hours on their feet, and virtually anyone else who may want to experience the purported benefits of a compression sock — which includes increased circulation, decreased leg fatigue, and faster muscle recovery post-workout, per the brand.

Anecdotal evidence also checks out. Kloss, who wore Comrad while pregnant, called them “the socks that got me through” via Instagram, as a caption for a photo in which she’s wearing the brand’s red knee-highs. The supermodel also shared a sock-clad photo wearing Comrad’s Berry Ombré knee-highs, also on Instagram, stating “...dang I love these compression socks.”

My sister, whose feet swell to the point of feeling painful every time she flies, swears by the socks as a preventative measure. Additionally, in training for a half marathon over the past few months, she swears the socks mitigate muscle soreness post-run. As for me? Imagining a slight increase in blood flow, especially on extra-sedentary WFH days, makes me feel marginally better about myself; plus, Comrad’s cheery styles brighten my mood. (Side note: The brand’s latest launches, for spring 2023, include some of the most colorful socks on the brand’s site.)

Knee-High Compression Socks


Shop now: $86; comrad.com

Shoppers of all ages swear by Comrad socks, too. One reviewer, a doctor, calls the socks “so comfy,” adding they were “so pleased” with how they felt after wearing them all day as they were performing surgery. Another shopper, who is over 65, likens the socks to “a snug hug,” adding, “[they] kept my legs and feet comfy during an eight and a half hour flight.” Another, who dubs their Comrads “cute and effective,” notes the socks are ideal for “recover[ing] from runs and for days when I’m stuck at my desk for long hours.” (My sister and I can relate to the beginning and latter half of the sentence, respectively.)

Shop the cute, comfortable Comrad compression socks beloved by Karlie Kloss, Amazon shoppers, and yours truly for your best-feeling feet ever.

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