10 Colorful Nail Designs for Manicure Maximalists

Hear me out: A manicure with bright, bold nail art is the best ice breaker. Whenever I find myself at a party or dinner where I don't know anyone, I compliment the stranger with a cool manicure. This has always led to an in-depth conversion not just about nails, but also makeup, the current season of any of the Real Housewives franchises, among other important topics.

Manicure Ideas for Maximalists

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Even if you aren't trying to bond with someone at a social event, a colorful nail design can be a fun accent to a neutral wardrobe, an instant pick-me-up, or a means of self-expression.

Regardless of why you want to get a colorful nail design the next time you're at the salon, the following 10 manicures all deserve to be on your mood board. Even better: A lot of these looks are easy enough to DIY at home.

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Pattern Clashing

Treat your nail beds like individual canvases when doing this manicure featuring abstract shapes and patterns.

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Black and white is the only color scheme when doing a trendy checkerboard design. Alternate the colors on each nail for a more impactful effect.

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Daisies & Rainbow Tips

Daisy petals and rainbow French tips are the perfect combination for a summer manicure, this colorful nail design would also be a great mid-winter mood booster.

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Groovy, Baby

These psychedelic swirls by Mei Kawajiri look unbelievably cool on long, square nails. However, the design is one that will work on all nail lengths and shapes.

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Gold Foil

Gold foil accents really pop when paired with a vibrant base, like turquoise.

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Animal Print

You might not find this color palette in the jungle, but the blue zebra nails really set this animal print manicure apart.

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Monochromatic Swirls

Here, nail artist Betina Goldstein demonstrates how impactful using two shades of the same color family can be.

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Smiley Faces

As the saying goes, "you're never fully dressed without a smile." This sunny manicure by JinSoon is just the ticket.

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Skittle Nails

Can't keep a steady hand when attempting nail art? Skittle nails are your solution. This simple, yet impactful manicure is also ridiculously easy to do.

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Confetti Nails

Even if you don't have any parties on your calendar, this fancy manicure with multicolored flecks of glitter will inject a little glamour into your day.

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