64-Year-Old Shoppers Noticed “Younger, Plumper” Skin Thanks to This “Exceptionally Hydrating” Face Cream

It left me with a buttery soft face and smooth arms, too.

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cocokind face moisturizer


Finding beauty products that agree with my skin is often a search for a unicorn. I have dry, sensitive skin that’s also prone to breakouts — yes, even in my 40s — and stack on top of that the increasing realization that my subtle fine lines are only going to deepen with time, and it’s almost the perfect storm of skincare woes. But, my derma-breakdown isn’t all bad, and as a shopping editor, I’m able to test and find the ideal products for my skin type.

When I was recently sent the Cocokind Resurrection Polypeptide Cream to try, I was eager to use the rich moisturizer to rid my face (specifically my chronically-dry nose) of flaky spots, but I’m always hesitant with new products on my easily reactive skin. But when I opened up the travel-friendly jar to find a super creamy purple moisturizer with a velvety consistency, I was intrigued. 

Cocokind resurrection polypeptide cream


Shop now: $27; cocokind.com

I took a dime-sized amount and smoothed the product all over my face, neck, and decolletage, and that amount, surprisingly, covered all of those areas with ease. While its rich formula goes on thick, it quickly absorbs into my skin and leaves behind no greasy layer. My face immediately felt moisturized and soft to the touch, but after a couple of weeks with the cream I discovered additional benefits, too. 

Because of its rich moisturizing quality and peptides, Cocokind’s cream subtly smoothed out my fine lines and creases and gave me bump-free skin. After seeing how the cream was able to soften and decrease the bumps on my face, I decided to use it to tackle the keratosis pilaris (those pesky red and skin-colored bumps) on the back of my arms — a minor but persistent issue I’ve been struggling with for years. Using the same pea-sized amount, I spread the cream each morning and night on my arms, and within a week I could barely feel the bumps. In their place was softer, smoother skin ready to take on tank top and T-shirt season. I even applied it generously after getting a sunburn on my nose, which prevented it from drying up and flaking.

Unlike other thick moisturizers I’ve used, the cream absorbs quickly but keeps my skin soft. To work effectively without leaving behind a greasy feel, Cocokind uses gentle, plant-based ingredients in its formula including a polypeptide complex to boost collagen and reduce fine lines, squalane to prevent the loss of moisture, resurrection plant extract to rehydrate skin, and antioxidant- and vitamin-rich watermelon seed oil to give it a glowing appearance.

While grabbing the cream with your fingertips is perfectly acceptable, to prevent possible bacteria from getting into the jar you can also snag Cocokind’s Reusable Spatula for just $5. The spatula helps you scoop up just the right amount of product without the risk of dirty fingers getting in it. After each use, simply rinse it off for your next application. 

Cocokind reusable spatula


Shop now: $5; cocokind.com

Shoppers of all ages have praised the Resurrection Polypeptide Cream for its “exceptionally hydrating” benefits, like one 66-year-old shopper shared. They added that their “skin is reactive” but that they have had “absolutely no issue” with this, and that it “doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, and doesn’t leave a residue.” Another shopper — a self-proclaimed “skincare snob” — said that it’s “better than [their] high-end, medical grade moisturizers” and that it “far surpassed [their] expectation.” And a 64-year-old shopper added that it’s “incredibly hydrating,” and that after using it their skin “looked younger, plumper, and in better overall condition.”

With such a small amount needed to cover your face and neck, the jar will likely last a few months. If you’re searching for a multi-benefit face cream (and beyond), grab the Cocokind Resurrection Polypeptide Cream for just $27. 

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