11 Cool Coachella Nail Ideas to Try This Festival Season

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Coachella nails

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With festival season upon us, it’s time for beauty lovers to start their beauty prep. This means thinking of festival hair, makeup, and those Coachella nails, of course.

Yes, Coachella isn’t the only music festival in the world. But there’s something about the Palm Springs desert vibes and sunny Southern California weather that makes it the quintessential music scene — Woodstock for influencers if you will. Plus, Coachella nails can be used at any festival or really any time for a carefree summer look.

Expect loads of glitter and cool nail finishes such as marble, chrome, and aura effects. Also, add some bold 3D accents to really elevate your look. If you don't know where to start for festival season this year, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 10 looks for your Coachella mood boards. Trust us; you'll want to bookmark these for later. 

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Flower Power Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Daisy Flower Prints And Colorful French Mani

Nothing says festivals like some cute floral decals. These mini daisy prints against a bare base mixed with spring colors of yellow, white, and orange make for a Coachella nail look that’s so bright and airy.

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Aura Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Aura Nails

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Show off the good vibes with your aura nails. These bright nails are striking on their own but elevated with 3D water droplet details that make it a more interesting nail look as a whole. 

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Groovy Hourglass Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Groovy Hourglass

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These groovy lines outlining the outer edges make for mesmerizing nail art. Add a small heart decal at the bottom for a nice added touch. 

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Happy Eclectic Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Happy Eclectic

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Coachella style means anything goes — and that's doubly true for your manicure. So why not mix all the designs and prints that make you happy on one hand? Smiley face decals, flowers, splattered prints, and more make an eclectic collection of fun nail art that you — and everyone around you — won’t be able to help but smile at. 

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Jade Accented Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Jade Effect

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Take inspo from one of the world’s most precious stones and opt for chic jade nails. This intricate swirl of deep moss green, white, and black make your nails look like you put real jade on your hands. 

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Glitter Dump Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Glitter all over

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You can’t have festival season — or any festival, for that matter — without some glitter. Pack on all the shimmer and confetti all over for sparkly Coachella nails that are equal parts fun and rockstar.

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Silver Starry Night Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Starry Night

Instagram @overglowedit

A cool silver metallic nail is really all you need to rock out to your favorite bands. But if you’re looking to add a little something special, channel your inner Ziggy Stardust with brightly colored star prints to bring up the energy.

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Marble Chrome Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Marble Chrome

Instagram @lolo.nailedit

With intricate swirls, marble nails are an easy go-to Coachella nail look that will catch anyone’s eye. Add on a metallic chrome finish for something especially hypnotizing.

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Pearly White Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Pearly Whites

Instagram @emmaheartsnails

For minimal effort, go for one-and-done shades with all the shimmer and color you need. This pretty white is packed with purple iridescent shimmer that catches the light like a pearl on the ocean floor.

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Broken Heart Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Broken Heart 3D Art

Instagram @nailsbymei

This super cool 3D broken heart makes for a bold nail look that's perfect for when you’re singing your actual heart out. Add it to long coffin nails and a magenta metallic base for a dramatic touch. 

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Orbit Nails

Best Coachella Nails — Orbit Nails

Instagram @natalieminervanails

Elevate a simple black and white stripe nail. Coined the “orbit nail” by Euphoria’s lead nail artist Natalie Minerva, the black and white blend into each other for a cool ombré effect and a dynamic look for your Coachella nails. 

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