Coach Just Restocked Its Repurposed Coachtopia Bag Collection

Including bags with whimsical mushroom prints and 3D flower embellishments.

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Coachtopia Bags
Coach. Photo:


When I learned that Coach had officially launched Coachtopia — a collection of vintage-inspired bags crafted out of recycled and repurposed leather — I was already too late. The coveted drop, which came just in time for Earth Day, was already completely sold out. As I browsed through the collection of purses that ranged from statement pieces, which includes whimsical prints from cherries and mushrooms to 3D flowers, the “sold out” signs taunted me. (I truly haven’t wanted a purse this badly since elementary school, when colorful Dooney and Burke bags dominated the hallways.) If you missed out on the drop, there’s good news — the Coachtopia collection is officially restocked

Coachtopia Collection

The collection’s popular Ergo bags are back in stock, and this time, I will be buying one. This Ergo bag silhouette is reminiscent of versions from the ‘90s, with Coach diving into its archive to create the over-the-shoulder piece. The bag is available in a number of spring and summer-ready colors and patterns, including a watermelon inspired colorway that features a pink base and bright green piping, checkerboard options, cherry and strawberry prints, and a number of more classic, monochromatic picks. 

Ergo Shoulder Bag In Coachtopia Leather


Shop now: $250;

Ergo Shoulder Bag In Coachtopia Leather With Cherry Print


Shop now: $275;

With that said, by the time you’re reading this, the Coachtopia collection may very well be sold out again (I know the feeling). But Coach is still full of incredible, more under-the-radar recycled pieces you can shop now from the (Re)Loved collection, including recycled, restored, and reimagined bags you’ll wear for years. Shop some of my favorite styles below — they may just sell out, too.

Coach (Re)Loved Collection

Coach has often managed to expertly walk the line between timeless and trendy, and there are few bags where that’s more apparent than this restored Willow Tote, which is crafted out of a show-stopping, fire-engine red leather. The gold “C” closure and thin brown straps add a timeless, classic Coach touch to the oversized (sorry, “ludicrously capacious”) tote bag.

Restored Willow Tote In Colorblock


Shop now: $250;

The Upcrafted Noa Pop Up Messenger is a one-of-a-kind piece whose small but impressive details make it the perfect on-the-go purse. While the crossbody bag is small, it has four different compartments with alternating zippers, so you’ll find that it’s able to hold a surprising amount. The purse has the appearance of four different pouches brought together in a cohesive, elegant way, with the unique craftsmanship really only apparent upon a closer look. 

Upcrafted Noa Pop Up Messenger


Shop now: $395;

If you don’t grab the Upcrafted Field Tote, I will. To give new life to an older bag, Coach rounded up a number of scrapped leather pieces to craft a colorful and eclectic woven pattern that’s now the feature design on the front of the purse. This bag is a showcase in artistry and one that people will beg to know where you got it from (unfortunately for them, it’s one of a kind). 

Upcrafted Field Tote 30 In Colorblock With Coach Badge


Shop now: $650;

And if you adore the Tabby and love the fresh designs from Coachtopia, look no further than the Upcrafted Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag, which pairs the ‘It’ bag with the youthful elements that’s made Coachtopia so coveted. The pillowy bag (known to sell out) is finished with pink, dimensional mushrooms that are just as playful as the Tabby design is.

Upcrafted Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 18


Shop now: $695;

Check out more of Coach’s recycled and upcrafted bags, here.

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