The 1 Product You Need to Try the TikTok-Viral Cloud Skin Trend

You don’t need a makeup haul to get this soft, matte look.

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You Only Need One Product To Try Out The TikTok-Viral Cloud Skin Trend
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Over the past three years, the glowy, clean girl-aesthetic has basically been the go-to makeup method that’s taken over the internet. I, like thousands of other makeup girlies, now own dozens of dewy primers, concealers, and skin tints. While I’ve been living for the natural looks that involve lighter coverage, all those layers of luminous liquids can sometimes make me look, well, sweaty. That’s why I’ve been so intrigued by the “cloud skin” trend that’s been blowing up on TikTok over the last couple months 

For those of you who don’t spend six hours a day on #BeautyTok (congrats on having a life), here’s what you need to know about cloud skin: The term was first created by MAC artist Dominic Skinner back in 2020, but has recently risen to internet fame thanks to celebrity makeup artist Mary Phillips (who works with Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Bieber) use of powdered bronzer for underpainting. “[It’s] a blend between 2016 full-coverage matte and 2020 natural-dewy,” explained TikToker @purenavamakeup, who described the trend as “a natural, soft-matte with a subtle, hazy glow.”

IMO, the best part of this new trend is that I don’t need to make very much space in my makeup drawer to get the look. “Apparently we’re done with glowy skin and now onto cloud skin” said TikToker @christxiee, who demoed her take on a cloud skin routine by starting with her usual glowy foundation, conceale, liquid contour, and then topping it all off with a setting powder. 

In short, you really only need to invest in one or two mattifying products to try the trend out. Luckily, there are so many powder-based bronzers, blushes, and foundations that do far more for your complexion than just eliminating shine.

Take the Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre, for instance: The classic formula evens out your skin tone, minimizing the appearance of imperfections. “It sets makeup for the entire day without feeling like you have cake on your face,” noted one shopper, who described the powder as “lightweight” and transparent against the tone of foundation. Another long-time fan called it a “flawless and effortless” addition to their makeup routine.



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Even a Gen-Z loved brand like Ilia that  frequently wins acclaim for its luminizing skin tints and hydrating primers has super effective powder products that have been overlooked. The brand’s Nightlife Bronzing Powder “glides on like a dream” and gives skin a “soft, warm” look, according to reviewers. The Ilia Soft Focus Finish Powder is also not to be slept on, as it blurs away shine and even minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, according to one user.

NightLite Bronzing Powder


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Soft Focus Finishing Powder


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If you’re a rosy-cheeked person through and through, powder brushes open up a world of possibility for giving your skin a soft, matte finish. The often sold-out RMS Pressed Blush, for example, offers three flushed tones that effortlessly build on and set a liquid base. Honorable mention must also go out to my personal favorite, Jones Road’s Best Blush, an extra-pigmented powder that blends better than any of my liquid formulas and stays in place for hours.



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Jones Road

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Even I’ll admit that adhering to yet another TikTok beauty trend is eye roll-inducing. However, I’ve been loving the cloud skin look on celebs like Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber, and considering how easy it is to incorporate into my routine, I simply have to give it a go. 

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