This “Holy Grail” Moisturizing Eye Cream Makes Lines “Vanish,” and It’s Up to 40% Off at Nordstrom

One shopper called it a “tall drink of water” for your skin.

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Clinique All About Eyes


Eye cream is one of those products that frequently gets overlooked in a skincare regimen, but it’s useful for tackling common undereye concerns. Dryness, dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye puffiness can often be diminished — or completely eliminated — with regular application of a moisturizing eye cream. 

While the thin, delicate skin around the eye benefits from hydration, you don’t want to use just any moisturizer you have lying around. Most dermatologists suggest investing in a gentle product meant specifically for the eye area. If it’s your first time investing in an eye cream and you aren’t sure what to look for, Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich is the perfect place to start — and it’s on major sale at Nordstrom. 

Available in two sizes, .5 ounces and 1 ounce, the moisture-rich eye cream is currently up to 40 percent off — for a limited time. The two sizes typically cost $37 and $60, respectively, but right now they’re only $22 and $45. 



Shop now: $22 (Originally $37);

According to the product description and hundreds of positive reviews, the eye cream is highly effective, and produces both immediate and long-term results. As with other eye creams, it’s applied to the eye area with a light patting of the ring finger, ideally twice a day. One shopper referred to it as a “tall drink of water” for their eyes, and another echoed that sentiment, calling it a “holy grail” under-eye moisturizer for their sensitive skin.” Another reviewer explained how they first used it to combat their dark under-eye circles and saw a “difference in under an hour or so.” 

The moisturizing benefits may be instant, but the eye cream also works to boost the skin's moisture barrier and address aging concerns. Fine lines are a top priority for shoppers, many of whom say the eye cream “significantly reduced lines” and “made those little lines under [their] eyes vanish.” 

Paraben-, sulfate-, alcohol-, and fragrance-free, the formula is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. Praising the eye cream’s formula, one reviewer noted that it’s “gentle but hydrating” and “doesn't irritate [their] eyes.” A second shopper added that even though they’re “prone to allergic reactions,” they’ve “never had any problems” with Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich formula. 

Giving your eye area an extra boost of moisture is never a bad idea, particularly during the winter. So if you’ve been searching for an eye cream with noticeable results (but doesn’t break the budget), pick up Clinique’s All About Eyes Rich while it’s up to 40 percent off at Nordstrom.

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