A Nurse Practitioner Recommended This $12 Hack to Calm My Eczema-Prone, Tomato-Red Skin

The simple solution keeps my complexion in check.

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Sensitive Skin Amazon Hack

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I have extremely sensitive skin thanks to my facial eczema, so I’m always on a quest to find the best non-irritating products, tips, and hacks to keep it under control. This has led me to try countless products, but one thing I never thought of switching out until recently was my washcloth — and it’s made all the difference.

My nurse practitioner friend pointed out that washcloths could very well be the source of facial irritation. This is due to the way bacteria builds up on towels with each usee, though I never considered that, because I don’t wear a lot of makeup — just sunscreen and moisturizer. It turns out, though, that even those minimal products can leave a residue on the towel, which then transfers to your face. Plus, any detergents or fabric softeners used to clean the cloth can further add to the pile of irritants. My friend’s solution? Clean Skin Club’s Disposable Towels, and I am forever indebted to her for suggesting them. 

Clean Skin Club Clean Towels


Shop now: $12; amazon.com

Clean Skin Club Clean Towels


Shop now: $18; amazon.com

Not only does Chloë Grace Moretz rely on the extra-absorbent sheets to remove “little pimples,” but each towel is about the size of a napkin, extremely soft, and 100 percent natural, unscented, and chemical-free. They come in boxes ranging from 50 to 300 sheets and are even available in travel sizes. If you’re worried about Clean Skin Club’s Disposable Towels being bad for the environment, they are fully biodegradable and billed USDA-certified biobased, which means a portion of the product comes from a renewable resource, according to the brand.

To reduce my consumption, I use one side of the towel in the morning and the opposite side at night. I like to use Clean Skin Club’s cloths to dry my face, wet them with cleanser, remove makeup, and apply skincare products. I love the way they make my face feel squeaky clean without drying out my skin; I finally feel like I get everything off of my face without having to rub it raw. The sheets have also helped keep my eczema at bay due to the antibacterial component, and there’s not much more I could ask for.

More than 9,000 people on Amazon agree that the towels are a game-changer. One reviewer noted that their face “had significantly cleared up” from using them and that the fabric is so soft and gentle, they even use them as wash cloths during their baby’s bath time. Another shopper with sensitive skin said the towels “don’t fall apart or tear easily,” and called them “soft,” “absorbent,” and “durable.”  Better yet, a third reviewer signed up for consistent shipments of the product, and said they’re “never turning [their] subscription off.” The same shopper noted that “it’s really easy to see the dirt come off,” and that the towelettes “help products to lather nicely and achieve a clean, fresh face.” 

If you have a sensitive, dry, or acne-prone face, you might want to give Clean Skin Club’s Disposable Towels a try. Add them to your cart sooner rather than later, and you could be feeling spring clean by tomorrow. 

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