Clare Holden

Clare Holden, Writer
Title: Writer
Education: Griffith College Dublin
Location: Dublin/Barcelona
Expertise: Fashion

Clare Holden is a beauty, skincare, and fashion writer. She previously worked as a Makeup Artist in London before going back to study fashion design. She balances working as a freelance writer with running her own artisan fashion brand white night. She is endlessly passionate about finding the best quality products on the market. Whether it is researching cosmetics ingredients and testing out beauty products or checking the seams and fabrics used in clothing she always ensures that whatever she covers is of the highest quality.


  • Graduated with a B.A. in Journalism and Communications from Griffith College Dublin.
  • Trained in Makeup Artistry and Natural Skincare at the LA Academy of Creative Arts.
  • Studied Fashion Design at LCI Barcelona.
  • Won a Future Makers Award for her work as a fashion designer.


Clare has lived and worked in California, Dublin, London, and Barcelona. She has worked for various luxury fashion and beauty brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Stella McCartney. She loves to combine her writing skills with her passion for makeup, skincare, clothing, and shoes.


While studying for her degree in Journalism Clare began taking classes in garment pattern construction. After graduation, she began writing about beauty and decided to train as a Makeup Artist eventually working in London. Her freelance career then enabled her to go back and study fashion design at LCI Barcelona.

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