Cindy Crawford Has Used This $18 Body Oil for More Than 20 Years

It has over 20,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

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Cindy Crawford has been using this on-sale $18 body oil since she was 25

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The word supermodel is thrown around way too casually. It seems like a model with even the smallest amount of name recognition has the title bestowed upon them. I am kind of a stickler when it comes to this; I feel like the term applies to few contemporary models and should be reserved for the originals — Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and, of course, Cindy Crawford. When any of them speak, you should listen. 

Obviously, I paid very close attention to every tidbit of information Crawford revealed in a recent interview with The Cut about the anti-aging haircare products from her brand, Meaningful. In it, she said “my skin needs have changed” but “Neutrogena has a body oil that I put on sometimes.” She says it’s one of the few products she’s been using since the ‘90s. 

What makes a product worthy of staying in a supermodel’s repertoire for three decades? For starters, it’s a lightweight, versatile, and quickly absorbed formula that has an astonishing 20,000 five-star ratings on Amazon alone. 

cindy crawford has been using this on-sale $18 body oil since she was 25


Shop now: $18 (Originally $24);

The base of this product is sesame oil, which is very rich in vitamin E. It’s an ingredient already found in your body and it’s fat soluble, which just means that it penetrates past the superficial layers of your skin. Thus, you can expect deep and intense hydration — and shoppers say it delivers. 

One shopper said they’ve tried to use other body oil products in the last 20 years “and I always come back to this one… It gives my skin a soft, smooth, silky feel without any oily residue.” Another called it their “perennial favorite” and added, “I will never not use this after every bath and shower. [I’ve] been using it for 30 years and my skin always feels soft and moisturized.”

This is a no-brainer purchase considering the Cindy Crawford endorsement, the affordable price (even more so since it’s currently on sale), and the fact that reviewers say the bottle lasts at least a year. Head to Amazon to shop Neutrogena’s Body Oil

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