Cindy Crawford on Aging, Haircare, and Her Famous "Madison Avenue Blowout"

"Everyone tells you your skin will age, but no one tells you your hair will age, too."

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Cindy Crawford has undisputed icon status. Beyond being one of the "it-girl" supermodels of the '90s, her career has transcended modeling, maintaining her celebrity through multiple decades and industries. Though she was originally known as a fashion legend in pop culture, starring in her now-famous Pepsi campaign and working as a muse for Gianni Versace, she's evolved beyond the runway and cemented her status as a successful business owner, mom, and beauty icon.

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Case in point: Meaningful Beauty. She originally launched the brand in 2004 — eons before the celebrity beauty brand boom. The concept was to create an effective and accessible anti-aging skincare line, and since then, it has moved into haircare.

"Everyone tells you your skin will age, but no one tells you your hair will age too," Crawford tells InStyle. "I think we all expect to get gray hair, but I wasn’t aware that the texture was going to change, it was going to become more brittle, it was going to shed more, and basically just be lackluster."

With those changes in mind, Meaningful Beauty launched Age-Proof haircare. And today, after giving the line a bit of a facelift, the collection is back and better than ever! Below, Crawford tells us all about the relaunch, her famous "Madison Avenue blowout" from the '90s, and shares her favorite hairstyles of all time.

InStyle: Why was now the right time to relaunch the Age-Proof line? What's new? 

Cindy Crawford: We originally launched in 2021, but, like many other brands, we experienced supply chain issues. We waited to relaunch until we were sure we wouldn’t run into this problem again and could deliver our product to our customers, and now the day is finally here. The exciting thing about our relaunch is we have new claims we can share. For instance, our Styling and Protecting Spray can provide heat protection for up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and controls frizz for up to 72 hours — even in high humidity. 

Would you say the new formulation works across all hair types and textures? 

The system was formulated for women who have concerns with aging hair, not for a specific hair type. We tested the line on women with many different hair types, and the products delivered results across the board.

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What are some of the hair changes you've noticed as you've gotten older? 

I look at my daughter and notice that her hair is shiny and healthy looking — she has my old hair, and I want it back! And, that became my new passion for Meaningful Beauty — to address not only my aging hair but to bring a solution to the market for the many other women out there experiencing these aging hair issues. And we did it.

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What do you think of Gen Z reviving the '90s blowout and other looks inspired by you?

It’s always fun to see trends and styles come back around but updated at the same time. It reminds me of all the things about '90s style [that] I loved. There was an unapologetically sexy and fun attitude.

cindy crawford iconic hairstyles

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What are some of your favorite hair moments from the '90s?

Well — I loved '90s hair — the bigger, the better. But all that back-combing wasn’t necessarily kind to one’s hair. To this day, I still like a great blowout with a round brush and then Velcro rollers. It gives you some volume and soft, shiny waves — I call it the “Madison Avenue blowout”

cindy crawford iconic hair moments

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