I’m a Plus-Size Woman, and This Is My Honest Review on the Affordable Clothing Brand That’s All Over TikTok

I am pleasantly surprised by Cider.

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Cider Clothing Review

Cider/ InStyle

The way I feel about my body changes daily — and sometimes, hourly. Some days I look at the fat on my body and feel dejected, while on other days, I look in the mirror and feel beautiful and divine, proud of the suppleness of my curves that make me think of Boticelli’s Venus and Venus of Willendorf

Even on these good days, however, I am limited by my wardrobe and just clothing in general. I realized that sometimes the longing I feel for a smaller body is actually a longing to wear clothing from brands that don’t cater to me​​, which is why I’ve become such a big fan of the clothing brand Cider.   

I first came across Cider on Instagram and TikTok where it has over three billion views. The algorithm knows what it’s doing and showed me plus-sized women in a variety of cute, trendy, and fashionable products. But an Instagram ad for size-inclusive clothing at an average price of like $30 felt too good to be true. After trying nearly a dozen pieces from its clothing line, I’m glad to report that this is not the case. I ordered four skirts, three shirts, and two dresses all in size 1XL and my package arrived within two weeks. 

I don’t feel great about participating in fast fashion, but my options are limited. That being said, there are a few reasons I particularly like Cider. First, Cider probably has the most robust selection of plus-size clothing for a retailer that doesn’t exclusively specialize in the category. Its regular sizes are XS–XL, while its plus-size options are 0X–4XL and have their own landing page. Not everything is available in the extended size range, but there are so many pieces to choose from that I don’t feel left out or like an afterthought. The clothing that is available is not relegated to shapeless muumuus, bland colors, or personality-free clothing. There are plain and basic options, but there are also ruffles, cutouts, prints, and textures. 

Curve & Plus Enchanted Garden Floral Mini Skirt


Shop now: $24; shopcider.com

Second, the quality is pretty exceptional for the price. The skirts particularly stood out to me.  With options going for just $18, my expectations were not high (honestly, if I received glorified wrapping it would seem justified). The Floral Jacquard Slit Mini Skirt and Enchanted Garden Floral Mini Skirt were surprisingly well made from a thick tapestry-like material. The Paper Clip Mini Skirt was also thick and double-lined. 

Another plus is that the fit is pretty good. Plus-size clothing can sometimes feel like the brand just added a few extra inches to the width and called it a day, which results in skirts that are way too short and tops that smother my chest. 

Besides my general ethical issue with fast fashion, my other problem is that the seams sometimes feel haphazard. For example, they don’t align with the slit in the skirt or the positioning of the zipper. I really can’t figure out a logical explanation for their placement most of the time. 

Overall, I’m pleased with my experience with Cider clothing and I will continue to incorporate it into my wardrobe to compliment my expensive, timeless investment pieces

Cider Curve and Plus Renaissance Bell Sleeve Top

Curve & Plus Renaissance Bell Sleeve Top


Shop now: $18; shopcider.com

Cider Curve and Plus Stitching Square Neck Knit Dress

Curve & Plus Stitching Square Neck Knit Dress


Shop now: $18; shopcider.com

Cider Curve and Plus Fuzzy Tank Top & Cardigan

Curve & Plus Fuzzy Tank Top & Cardigan


Shop now: $17 (Originally $32); shopcider.com

Cider Curve and Plus Faux Leather Zip Up Jacket

Curve & Plus Faux Leather Zip Up Jacket


Shop now: $46; shopcider.com

Cider Curve and Plus 2 Pack Solid Crew Neck Tank Top

Curve & Plus 2 Pack Solid Crewneck Tank Top


Shop now: $18; shopcider.com

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