I’m So Tired of Celebrity Beauty Brands, but My Before and After Photos Prove How Good Ciara’s Eye Cream Is

And it’s affordable, too.

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Ciara. Photo:

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I don’t know about you, but the next celebrity beauty brand reveal is going to make me scream. In my opinion, not every single person with any modicum of fame needs to have a skincare line or a haircare kit — isn’t it enough for these people to simply exist while being admired and incomprehensibly rich? 

That being said, I am not anti-all celebrity beauty brands. In fact, there are a few that I would go as far as to say I love, but these are needles in the ever-expanding haystack. And regardless if I think the brand is warranted or not, I will still try the products should they make their way to me, as I did when Ciara’s On a Mission (OAM) landed on my desk. I’m glad I tried it out, because the Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer happens to be incredible. 

I liked the feel of the formula off the bat; it’s creamy but light and thin and it absorbs quickly with no stickiness or other residue left behind. It spreads very well, so I only need a fraction of a pump to cover both under-eye areas. I experienced no irritation or sensitivity while using it, so that was enough for me to keep testing it every morning. 

The chief ingredient is of course vitamin C which plumps, hydrates, and brightens skin. The brightening benefit is (I think) responsible for the noticeable effects I saw after two weeks of use. Niacinamide performs incredibly in its supporting role since it fades discoloration and hyperpigmentation in addition to evening out skin’s texture. 


Oam Skin

Shop now: $35; oamskin.com

I saw a reduction in the puffiness of my lids (an issue that plagues me every morning) as well as my under eyes. I also noticed an improvement in my dark circles, although I didn’t realize just how drastic the difference was until I looked at a photo of myself from a few weeks earlier. 

ciara's vitamin c eye creamTamim Alnuweiri

Instyle / Tamim Alnuweiri 

Before using On a Mission Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer and three weeks after using OAM’s eye cream. 

I had two thoughts after seeing the results of the cream, which were:“Oh god, my dark circles are actually worse than I thought,” and “Oh my god, could they really have improved that much?” The answer to the latter is yes, they did. Regardless of what area of my apartment or lighting I looked at myself in, it was undeniable my raccoon eyes were much less severe.

As a beauty editor, my desk and my bathroom look like a scaled-down version of Sephora, so I can’t always remember what a brand’s background is, which was the case with OAM. I simply experimented with the eye cream because of my skincare goals, so it was honestly a pleasant surprise to find out that OAM is Ciara’s brand, because these products are worth the purchase — regardless of their celebrity pedigree. Head to On a Mission to shop the eye-changing Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer to experience the results for yourself. 

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