Ciara's Dewy Skin Perfectly Complemented Her Sideboob-Baring Leather Fringe Halter Top

She just leveled up.

Ciara Glitter Skin Long Curly Ponytail Looking Into the Camera Allure Cover

Peter Ash Lee for Allure

Ciara is showing off her inner and outer beauty in a new cover shoot tied to last month's launch of her skincare line, OAM. Snaps from the Allure shoot feature glamorous makeup, eye-catching fashions, and larger-than-life hair.

In one image, the singer wears a fringed leather sideboob-baring halter top complete with a gold chain neckline and matching stud detailing. But Ciara's glittery T-zone and teased curls almost completely detracted from the controversial top. Her hair was slicked into a ponytail that voluminously cascaded all the way down her body. Besides the sparkles, her glam was kept fairly simple, save for some perfectly arched brows and smudged eyeliner.

On the actual cover, Ciara wore a pink Versace top and gloves that was reflected in the shimmery highlight along her cheek and brow bones. She wore gold, circular earrings, and her hair was styled into an exaggerated take on a high-top cut.

Ciara Pink Body Glove Hand On Shoulder Circular Earrings Allure Cover

Peter Ash Lee for Allure

In a different shot, the artist wore a red-and-white Adidas corset top and skirt set with floor-length braids, chunky gold earrings, and vibrant blush draping.

Ciara Red-and-White Adidas Corset and Skirt Lounging on Ground Long Braids Allure Cover

Peter Ash Lee for Allure

In the story, Ciara explained how her community in Atlanta influenced her music, fashion sense, and beauty choices. "There’s something in the water, as they would say. Even down from being a cheerleader growing up in the South," she said about her Southern roots. "There’s so much sauce, so much character. The people. How we all talk. Sometimes, when I go home, it’s like speaking another language because of our Southern drawl. It’s different. You don’t really know it until you see it. It’s an energy.”

All of that ultimately led her to start her own brands. But in the story, she got real about the ever-growing beauty industry, which is becoming saturated with celebrity founders.

“You look around and you’re starting to see more women building out their beauty brands," she said. "I think that’s pretty amazing because it shows the power of how you can really build something if you desire to, and it’s also showing you the power of your platform. It’s been amazing to see how women have been taking charge and flipping the way we thought we always had to go through someone to do something. No, you can do it yourself.”

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