Chrome Nails Is the Biggest Manicure Trend Right Now

Ooh shiny.

Chrome Nails Are Everywhere Right Now

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Glitter, sequins, and pretty much anything that shiny never failed to captured my attention as child. As a fully grown adult, not much has changed. I might not be be getting my glitter fix by doing all of my arts and crafts in glitter glue at school, but instead, I add a little sparkle to my life with glitter nail polish every so often.

This is why chrome manicures have been popping up on the fingertips of models on runways and celebrities on red carpets. Chrome's high-shine finish is an incredibly stylish, elevated alternative to glitter.

And like glitter manicures, this trend is extremely versatile. You can paint your nails with a solid-chrome finish nail polish, do French tips, and even add rhinestones for extra sparkle. At the salon, your nail artist can use a chrome powder to transform any base color into a high-shine manicure.

Ahead, we've compiled our favorite takes on the chrome nails trend to inspire your own manicures.

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Classic Chrome Nails

Chrome Nails Are Everywhere Right Now

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For her Spring 2023 fashion show, London-based designer went with a classic chrome manicure. The square-shaped nails added a Y2K vibe.

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Chrome Bubble Nails

Dua Lipa is one of many celebrities who is a fan of the chrome look. The 3D bubbles add an unexpected twist to her gold pointy nails.

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Chrome French Tips

Gold and silver aren't the only options for a chrome manicure. Here, celebrity nail artist Kim Truong remixed a classic French manicure by adding navy blue chrome tips instead of matte white.

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Iced Out Nails

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2023 Fashion Show


What's cooler than being cool? Icy chrome nails. For his spring 2023 fashion show, Tommy Hilfiger sent models down the runway with a super shiny silver manicure.

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Pearlescent Chrome Nails

Yes, chrome nails can be subtle. This sheer pearlescent manicure by nail artist Mei Kawajiri adds a soft glow to a neutral base.

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Chrome Tips & Rhinestones

Add extra shine to a chrome French manicure by scattering rhinestones all over the nail plate. This fancy design comes from New York City salon, Vanity Projects.

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Matchy-Matchy Chrome Nails

Zendaya at the 2022 Oscars


Matching your nails to your lipstick? Tired. Matching your nails to your silver metallic eyeshadow and sequined skirt? The birth of a new beauty trend. And that's exactly what Zendaya did with her matchy-matchy eye makeup and manicure moment at the 2022 Oscars.

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Color-Shifting Chrome Nails

At first glance, Kourtney Kardashian's nails by nail artist Kim Truong look like they're green chrome. However, Truong used black polish as a base, then coated it with white chrome powder to create the color-shifting manicure.

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Pointy Silver Nails

Lizzo brought some drama to the chrome manicure trend with her super pointy silver stiletto nails. Her silver eyeshadow and gray waves are next-level dedication to the look.

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