For Christy Turlington Burns, Fragrance Is a Part of Her Love Story

The supermodel reflects on Calvin Klein’s Eternity campaigns — from 1988 to now.

Christy Turlington on Fragrance Memories

Lachlan Bailey

Fragrance is something that's quite personal — just ask Christy Turlington Burns.

Back in 1988, the supermodel starred in the campaign that launched Calvin Klein's Eternity scent. And earlier this year, she returned to the role.

Cradled by her husband Edward Burns on a California beach at sunset, the two celebrated the latest adaptions of the timeless scent: Eternity Eau de Parfum Intense for Her and Eternity Parfum for Him.

"[The scent is] intrinsically connected to my marriage and my husband," she shares with InStyle. "It's really nice, because it went from feeling like it's a job — a great job! — but now it's more connected to me and where we're at [as a couple]. Now, it feels more real, more present, more in this moment. And I love the subtle ways that it's changed, 'cause I'd like to think that we all grow, change, and evolve."

Eternity Eau de Parfum Intense for Her offers top notes of Turkish rose ultimate, with Sichuan pepper at the heart. Base notes of jasmine samback absolute help round out the scent.

Christy Turlington on Fragrance Memories

Courtesy of Calvin Klein

To shop: $87;

"It feels fresh and intimate," says Turlington Burns. "In this campaign and this scent, there's also a playful element that brings in excitement — a bit of spice, as well."

As for Eternity Parfum for Him, the masculine fragrance includes sophisticated scents like organic lavender at the top, rhum extract to add boldness at the middle, and vanilla absolute at the base.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

To shop: $80;

Both scents are housed in romantic rose-colored glasses, reminiscent of the beach at sunset.

When speaking to the evolution of Eternity over the years, Turlington Burns likens its progression to her marriage.

"It's so hard to go back in time [to 1988], but I remember it being a very exciting time," she shares. "It was a new fragrance, a new launch, a new brand. I remember it being a more floral scent early on than how it's evolved overtime. At the time [I would describe it as] very clean and crisp and exciting. [And much like the fragrance], it's nice to know no matter what stage of your relationship or your life you're in, there can be elements about that person that keep you interested and excited and wanting to know what's next," she adds.

As for when Turlington Burns prefers to spritz on the timeless scent, she says there's no set time. To her, it's more about listening to her body and mood.

"I think it's when I want to elevate the state I'm in," the model explains. "That could be in the morning, but usually during a transition time — it could be that I'm leaving work and going to meet my husband for dinner. It's when I want to change my mindset and I want a little lift, that's when I love to use fragrance."

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