Christina Aguilera Wore Camo Cargo Pants, So We Need Camo Cargo Pants

Not to mention her covetable dunks.

Christina Aguilera Grammy Awards 2022

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Just days after showing that she's down for spearheading the return of cargo pantsChristina Aguilera showed that she's fully committed — and has been committing, she might add — to the trend. In a new Instagram post where she takes the time to reflect on the Spanish-language music that she released in 2022, the superstar singer wore a pair of relaxed-fit cargo pants in a bold camo pattern. Paired with a long, Matrix-ready coat and snake-print Nikes, she proved (again) that there's no look she can't pull off.

In addition to the statement-making pants, Aguilera's look included a simple white tank top and a chunky silver necklace. Her hair was styled in a slicked-back wet look, and she added a soft red lip color, skipping out on her usual go-to scarlet shade. Her gallery included behind-the-scenes looks at the making of her album, Aguilera.

"Celebrating one year of La Fuerza ❤️‍🔥 I truly cherish the creative process behind all my albums. The time spent recording Aguilera in Miami reminded me that my love for making Latin music will always be a part of my soul," she wrote. "Forever grateful to the talented team who created such a warm, fun, and free space to embrace both my vulnerability, while understanding the importance to laugh, be light and silly along the way ✨"

Last week, Aguilera made headlines after Jennifer Lopez shared that back in 2003, she was the one that was supposed to perform alongside Madonna and Britney Spears

“Yes, that was actually true,” Lopez said, adding that the plan was for her to perform alongside Spears and Madonna, but that she was “filming a movie in Canada” at the moment. Lopez went on to share that she “couldn’t get off the film," and the rest is history. Madonna went on to kiss Spears that night and give an entire generation a core memory. 

"They got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it,” Lopez added, which drew the ire of fans, who believed that Lopez was slighting the singer.

Van Toffler, MTV's president, explained the whole situation over a decade ago.

“It was a long road to get to that Britney and Christina kiss, because they weren't necessarily the first couple of people who were on the hit list,” he said in 2012. “This may be the first time it’s revealed, but originally J.Lo was in the mix. That didn't happen.”

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