Of Course Christina Aguilera Has the Sex Advice We All Want to Hear

"You are only going to know your body when you spend time with yourself first."

Christina Aguilera Call Her daddy podcast

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For her very first podcast interview, Christina Aguilera got candid with Alex Cooper for Call Her Daddy. And, of course, Xtina came out ready to get candid about everything, from her childhood to her Stripped era and now, her latest venture into the world of self-care and sexual wellness with Playground.

Aguilera and Cooper spoke about the "Dirrty" days, which Aguilera explained was her first opportunity to truly express herself as both a musical artist and a woman. She noted that her handlers and managers wanted to keep her in the realm of bubblegum pop, but she fought for her new image and the rest is herstory.

“I was so in the zone of expressing and creating this album and truly trying to make every facet of it speak of myself, as a woman, and I didn’t want to fit a box of like, 'I’m sweet and vulnerable and demure and I’m gonna do the programmed pop format,'" she said. "But I’m not any particular one thing or one brand and that’s what I did not like about the business, that fact that they immediately try to box you and label it so that it's easier for them to understand”. 

She noted that throughout her career, she noticed a clear double standard for male and female artists. It was especially obvious to her when she toured with Justin Timberlake.

"There were a lot of double standards with it. You know I went on tour with Justin [Timberlake], it was The Justified [and Stripped] Tour, and there were a lot of things where I was just like 'Why is it OK for him and not okay for me?!'” she said.

Christina Aguilera Call Her daddy podcast

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Of course, with her new brand Playground, Aguilera got frank about sex and how people should be more open and honest with it. She went on to say that in order to have fun with sex, everyone needs to get to know themselves sexually. That way, they can show their partners what they like and what to do so that everyone's in a better place in the bedroom (or in an airplane, because Aguilera also shared that she's a proud member of the Mile High Club).

"Sex is fun and knowing your body is so important. You are only going to know your body when you spend time with yourself first," she said. "So you even know what to ask for from your partner or what you like."

In true Alex Cooper fashion, the host managed to get Aguilera to really open up. The two discussed specific things that Aguilera loves, right down to blowjobs. Aguilera spoke frankly about pleasuring her partner and the wide scope of sexual situations that she's experienced.

"Sexuality is a very specific thing so like what one guy might like, another one doesn’t, there are some guys that don’t like their balls being touched ... and there are some guys that like brutal things happening to them," she said. "There’s a lot of different levels, that’s why it's really important to be with a partner where you can really explore."

She even proudly shared that she loves to put in the work all the way to the finish line. Naturally, she delivered it with her signature brand of cheeky fun.

“There is something to be said after you put in the hard work," she said. "I think swallowing is really you know a good thing … and it's got a lot of protein” 

CAll Her daddy podcast

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Aguilera also spoke about her decision to start a sexual wellness brand. For fans, it was an obvious move for someone so open (clearly). But she was ready for naysayers, because she explained that all she really wants to do is to have people be open with sex and share their stories. That's the entire ethos behind Playground.

"The authenticity behind what it means to me being always in the forefront, either defending or celebrating or opening conversations and doors for women to feel safe enough to talk about their sexuality and what that means for them because everybody is so different and there is no shame in the game," she said. "With this point in my life, being a mother who has a daughter who is developing her own relationship with her body - making sure that she feels that she is taking care of herself so that she can also engage with a future healthy relationship that is sex-positive."

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