Chrissy Teigen Responded to Rumors That She Used a Surrogate to Welcome Her Daughter Esti

Esti joined the fam back in January.

Just yesterday, Chrissy Teigen shared a new photo of her daughter, Esti, on social media, noting that the new arrival "still has the angel on her forehead." And while celebs offering up cute snapshots of their newborns isn't new at all — Teigen and her husband, John Legend, welcomed Esti Maxine back in January — Teigen did get surprising comments that accused her of faking her pregnancy and secretly using a surrogate.

Chrissy Teigen


Teigen clapped back at the haters (though she did note that she was "obsessed with this comment") by posting a photo straight from the delivery room to offer up all the evidence anyone needs while getting anyone who thought that she used a prosthetic "moon bump" to quiet down. In a Story post, she shared an image of her giving birth to Esti and added "Extremely realistic 'moon bump'" over the photo.

Chrissy Teigen IG

Teigen and Legend also share a daughter, Luna, 7, and a son, Miles, 4. After the arrival of Esti, Legend wrote an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, where she opened up about having a child after also going through a miscarriage.

"It was making me emotional the first two nights we were home because I just felt the love expand in the house," he told the WSJ in February, "and I felt the excitement."

Legend isn't the only one feeling the love. He also shared that Esti's siblings are glad to have a little sister. "The kids are excited," Legend told E! News in February. "We weren't sure how they would take it. I felt like they were a little jealous when mommy was pregnant. But as soon as Esti arrived, they were just exploding with love and joy. And they're so caring and loving toward her. They want to hold her, they want to kiss her and it's really exciting."

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