Chloe Bailey Says Her B.DY by Garage Campaign Fits With Her "Sexy and Comfortable" Aesthetic

The singer and actress shows us just how cute basics can be, and shares why her sister is one of her main sources of style inspiration.

Chloe Bailey B.DY by Garage


How would Chloe Bailey describe her personal style aesthetic? "Sexy and comfortable," she tells InStyle over email.

"I want to always be comfortable, but I also want something that will give me some sort of shape," she explains, noting that this is also the reason why she loves Garage and felt extra excited to star in the brand's new B.DY by Garage campaign. "I have a smaller waist and my thighs, my arms, and shoulders are bigger. I always like to accentuate my waist. I don’t like to wear too many baggy things. Like, if I have baggy pants, I want a fitted shirt to balance."

B.DY by Garage Campaign Photos


In the photos, Bailey can be seen showing off that exact combo, wearing everyday basics in a way that feels exciting and fun: crop tops styled with cargo pants, or a bodysuit with a puffer coat.

"I got to work with people who I love and who have created incredible content for me before, so it was amazing because it gave me the freedom to put my stamp on this," Bailey says of the campaign. "I had complete say in what I wanted to wear, which I loved. I love the entire collection because it’s interchangeable. You can match any piece with anything."

She was also especially fond of all the red items she modeled. "I love the red because it's bold," she tells us. "And, if you’re walking around in that color, people will be sure to see you!"

BD.Y by Garage - Chloe Bailey


That's essentially the star's attitude when she's shopping for clothes, too. She says she looks for items "that stand out," but also cares about versatility — which is exactly what this line offers. "I want pieces that I can put with multiple outfits and it doesn’t look like I’m repeating anything."

As for who Bailey looks to for style inspiration? Well, it's icons only — and that includes her sister, Halle Bailey, who is set to star in 2023's live-action version of The Little Mermaid.

"She’s just so confident in her natural aesthetic, which I love," says Bailey, adding that another loved one, her godmother, has a great sense of style, too. "She got me into the brands and the fashion houses because she has a background in that."

Aside from her family members, Bailey also admires looks from women like Beyoncé and Rihanna. "There are so many incredible women when it comes to the stage. Diana Ross — how she would always be shining and looking like a star. Or Tina Turner, with the fringe."

BD.Y by Garage - Chloe Bailey


Bailey herself says her style off-stage tends to be pretty casual — but not sloppy.

"I’m always in sweats, sneakers, and slides. I love this collection because I can wear all of these things, still be comfortable and still be cute," she tells us. "You never know when paparazzi is lingering around and they’ve caught me a few times on my off days, and I can’t be caught slacking."

When she's performing, however, she says that the main goal is to "feel like a diva."

"I want to feel sexy and shiny and fitted, and comfortable as well. But definitely a bit extra when it comes to performing."

BD.Y by Garage - Chloe Bailey


For fall and winter, Bailey tells us that she's looking forward to breaking out some scarves.

"One, to protect my voice, but two, it makes any outfit super-duper cute. I also have this new Dior bag that I am obsessed with that has faux fur on it and I can’t wait to start rocking it," she says. "I can’t rock it right now because it’s still too hot out."

A quick glance at the actress and singer's IMDB page and it's clear that Bailey will be busy over the next few months and beyond.

"There are so many projects that I’m working on that I cannot wait to talk about," she says. "I was so excited about my collab with Pepsi too — I’m so happy I can officially say I’m a Pepsi girl now. And there are a lot of cool things I’ve been filming. I can’t wait to speak about them."

B.DY by Garage


BD.Y by Garage is available to shop now on Items range from size small to large and nothing tops $40 — something Bailey is especially happy about.

"I never want anything to break someone’s bank just to look cute," she tells us. "Confidence starts from the inside and clothes should just enhance that."

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