I Never Leave the House Without This Hydrating Lip Oil From the Makeup Brand Amal Clooney Uses

The hyaluronic acid formula revives my dry, flaky lips.

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This Hydrating Lip Oil From an Amal Clooney-Used Brand Totally Revived My Dry Lips

Charlotte Tilbury/ InStyle

One thing to know about me is that I never leave the house without some sort of lip gloss, oil, or balm in my handbag. I’m constantly rubbing my lips together, and the feeling is just not the same if the product isn’t hydrating (sorry liquid lipsticks). I’m always on the hunt for a product that will moisturize and stay put for a reasonable amount of time, so I looked to one of my go-to beauty brands, Charlotte Tilbury, to see what I could find.

I’ve tried my fair share of lip products as a shopping writer over the years, and this Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir (a sibling to the brand’s Magic Cream used by Amal Clooney and Khloe Kardashian) makes my lips look juicy and full without leaving a stickiness or temporary stinging sensation that many plumpers do. 


Charlotte Tilbury

Shop now: $40; charlottetilbury.com

Recently, I began pairing the Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir with a pinkish nude-toned lip liner — specifically Lip Cheat from Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk 2 — and in all sincerity, I’ve never loved a lip combo more. I’m a big fan of natural-looking lips, so the subtle color of the lip liner paired with the oil gives me an overall poutier appearance without looking like I’m wearing too much color.


Charlotte Tilbury

Shop now: $25; charlottetilbury.com

Not only is the Magic Lip Oil packaging compact and great for small handbags, but it also features a unique rollerball applicator that helps distribute an even coat of product — and truthfully, it’s just fun to apply. Though the product tube is small, the formula is mighty, combining hydrating hyaluronic acid to reduce fine lines, soothing alpine rose, and sqisandryl — an ingredient used to define the lips while simultaneously smoothing and plumping, according to the brand. 

This Hydrating Lip Oil From an Amal Clooney-Used Brand Totally Revived My Dry Lips

InStyle / Allison Faccenda

As someone with extremely dry skin and lips all year round, I always gravitate towards products that contain hyaluronic acid since it’s extremely nourishing while providing a visibly glossy sheen. Not only has the lip oil revived my dry lips, but it also plays well on top of other lipsticks like the popular Pillow Talk lipstick seen on Amal Clooney and Penelope Cruz, and it can hold its own worn solo with zero additional face makeup. 


Charlotte Tilbury

Shop now: $35; charlottetilbury.com

Since using the lip oil, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in the flakiness of my lips, so I’ll continue using this on its own and with my other must-have Charlotte Tilbury lip products for lasting hydration. 

Shop the Magic Lip Oil Crystal Elixir and grab a lip pencil or lipstick while you’re at it to create your own ideal hydrating lip combo. If you’re ready to ditch your dry lips, explore other celebrity-used best-selling products at Charlotte Tilbury

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