Bras in My 38DD Size Are Notoriously Frumpy — but I Finally Found 2 Supportive and Delicate Styles

They’re just built different.

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Bras for women my size are notoriously frumpy but these 2 options are supportive and delicate

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Barbra Streisand has now cloned her dogs twice and billionaires are talking about somehow colonizing Mars, but the issue of creating clothes and intimates to fit women sizes 12 and up somehow remains an unsolved mystery. Bras are an especially heinous category when it comes to finding cute and supportive options. As a 38DD (or 38E), my options tend to be bulky, frumpy, and hideous, often looking like flotation devices with seatbelts for straps. I am constantly searching for exceptions and have recently discovered two from Natori and Chantelle

Natori Statement Full-Fit Bra



This Natori bra made me realize that I need to throw most of mine out. The first thing I noticed about this bra is that I didn’t notice it. Wearing a 38DD means I live in a strange in-between world where not wearing a bra is painful and irritating, but wearing one all the time can leave indents in my shoulders and discomfort surrounding the underwire. 

It’s so comfortable, I wore this for a long, 16-hour day and almost forgot to take it off before bed. As for support, the weight of my boobs dispersed throughout the bra, instead of just on my shoulders, and I didn’t have to shove my hands down the front of my shirt every few hours to make adjustments. After repeated wear, I also realized I had less back pain and my posture was better. 

Shop now: $72; and

Chantelle Fleurs Demi Bra

Fleurs Demi Bra


Chantelle has been my go-to bra brand for nearly a decade, but my favorite style was discontinued. I don’t like change in this area of my life, as experimenting is expensive and full of disappointment, but I love the style of the Fleurs Demi Bra thanks to its delicate, floral lace and wideset straps that accommodate a variety of necklines. 

It holds me up and in place, making my chest compact without squishing it or creating overflow, and it’s super thin so it doesn’t add any bulk to an already large area. It’s a bra I would still pick, even if all the options in the world were available to me (instead of the few that actually are). 

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