This Ultra-Popular Chanel Fragrance Is My Go-To — and It Now Comes in a Dreamy, Moisturizing Body Cream

Eau Tendre fans: You’re in for a treat.

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Chanel fragrance lotion

Chanel/ InStyle

If there’s one fragrance my sister and I swipe from one another most frequently, it’s Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre. Currently, the magic elixir is in her possession, hundreds of miles away. (My most recent whiff: a scrambled spritzing at a duty-free shop, at risk of missing my flight, a few weeks ago.) Part of the Chanel Chance collection, Eau Tendre features notes of grapefruit, quince, jasmine, and white musk. To me, it smells like a hug in the springtime. 

I’m now eyeing the new Chanel Eau Tendre Body Cream — one of three luxurious, scented body moisturizers Chanel launched this month. The three creams, each based off of a Chance fragrance, are infused with the delicate, alluring fragrance of its namesake scent. 

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre Body Cream


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According to the brand, the cream is to be applied generously as part of a Chance Eau Tendre “fragrance ritual.” In other words, the cream is the perfect base for layering its titular fragrance — or any similarly fresh fragrance you have on hand.   

Formulated to moisturize the skin (in addition to adding fragrance to it), the product launch feels seasonally appropriate: I, for one, have failed to give my dry, winter-worn limbs much love lately, and plan to rectify my negligence via the Eau Tendre cream. The formula features the rich emollient texture you’d expect from a luxury skincare product. Despite its creaminess, though, it’s designed to wear like a lightweight lotion once applied (read: non-greasy).

One shopper says the Chanel body cream “makes [their] skin feel like silk,” adding that they “always get many compliments” on its scent. Another reviewer notes that the scent is light and long-lasting — which is all the more reason to snag an Eau Tendre cream if you, like I, are infatuated with the perfume. The cream comes in a generously sized 5.3-ounce jar.

Incidentally, the aesthetic appeal of the packaging alone is enough to entice. Housed in a thick glass jar, each of the three creams feature a pastel-hued aluminum lid. Naturally, the lids are engraved with the iconic Chanel logo.The Eau Tendre lid, a pretty, barely-there shade of blush, is neutral and elegant. It’s a swoon-worthy addition to any medicine cabinet, shelfie, or powder room, so it also makes an excellent gift. I plan to shop the new Chanel Eau Tendre Body Cream for myself. And — since she’s bound to snag mine — perhaps a jar for my sister, too.

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