Zoey Deutch Loves This Viral $2,500 Bag So Much, She Bought It In Two Colors

We caught up with the actress while celebrating Saks' Aspen pop-up, where she shared her latest fashion splurge, what she packs while traveling, and why she recently hitched a ride with a total stranger.

Saks and Zoey Deutch Celebrate the Arrival of Saks in Aspen
Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Sage for BFA

There are two types of shoppers in this world: ones who buy super-popular pieces while they're trending, and ones who avoid those same pieces specifically because everyone else has them. Actress Zoey Deutch seems to be the latter, but when speaking to InStyle, she reveals it was that kind of attitude that almost made her miss out on her favorite purse, Bottega Veneta's Mini Jodie Leather Hobo Bag.

"I was a real hater — I didn't get new Bottega and I was like, this is such a trendy thing," she tells us at a Saks event, celebrating the retailer's limited-time pop-up shop on Hyman Avenue in Aspen, Colorado. "Then, I bought it in black and I wear it all the time. It feels so good in my hands. It looks good with everything. It's a trend and very popular for a reason."

Although the It bag costs $2,500, Deutch says she found herself wearing it so much, she decided to treat herself to the same design in a different color.

"My white one was my big splurge," she says, holding up her new bag. "I got it at Saks and I love it."

Saks and Zoey Deutch Celebrate the Arrival of Saks in Aspen
Courtesy of Tiffany Sage for BFA

It should come as no surprise that someone as fashion-forward as Deutch has been a Saks customer for years (or "for life," as she tells us). That's why, she says, she rushed to stop by immersive Aspen shop, which is only open until Friday, July 29.

"It's so cool," she says. "They've done an amazing job. They've got ice cream, they've got a little digital mirror. They've got every Bottega shoe you could ever dream of owning..."

The store also sells Deutch's cozy-looking Proenza Schouler dress, which garnered many compliments throughout the night (people even interrupted our conversation to ask her about it).

"This was my idea of Aspen," she tells InStyle. "I'm not really sure if it's super Aspen, but it's knit." During the summer months, especially, the actress enjoys wearing loose clothing. "If I'm traveling, and even if I pack the cute things that are tight or sort of form-fitting, I just don't wear them. I just want to be comfortable and enjoy myself, and not be too hot, not be too cold."

Saks in Aspen Pop-Up
Courtesy of Alp & Isle

It's worth noting that Deutch has been traveling a lot this summer. Currently, she's promoting a new movie, Not Okay, which premieres on Hulu July 29. She had planned to travel to Aspen from Europe, but after her connecting flight from Denver was canceled, Deutch said she hitched a four-hour ride — with a total stranger.

"There were no car services and a woman on my flight [said], 'Do you want to just come in my car?' she reveals. "I know they say not to get in cars with strangers, but I'm here, I'm alive. Sophie was my hero."

Deutch adds that she was a little secretive about where she was during that span of time ("I didn't tell my boyfriend and mom that I had gotten into the car for four hours with a stranger until I made it home safely.") — something that sort of connects back to her Not Okay character, Danni Sanders.

"It's a movie about a girl who fakes a trip to Paris, and while she's allegedly in Paris, something happens there that she chooses to go along with," she explains. "It's the unraveling of this lie and, I think, a real examination of cancel culture, privilege, and Internet culture."

Not Okay Hulu Movie

While the actress warns that Danni's lie is way more extreme than anything she's ever been involved in, she says she can relate to her, in her own way.

"One time, I hit a car outside my house," Deutch tells us, cringing. "My boyfriend saw it, but didn't quite see it, and he was like, 'Did you just hit that car?' I was like, 'No.' Then, 20 seconds later, I was like, 'Yes I hit that car! What do I do?!' I just was in so much shock, I didn't even want to admit it to myself."

In the end, she ended up writing a letter.

"I put it on the car and the person texted me, 'There's nothing wrong with my car, but thank you so much for being a nice person.' He was definitely wrong — I definitely dented his car. It was definitely an Aston Martin. But I think he was taken by me being honest with him and told me that there wasn't any dent."

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