Zoë Kravitz Went Topless in a New Steamy Shoot With Robert Pattinson

Next thing you know, I was pregnant.

Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson
Photo: Getty Images

Co-stars and onscreen lovers (Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac) often take the method route, as they stay in character and recreate their chemistry IRL. In fact, some are so convincing, they've sent the media into a massive rumor frenzy. And the latest loved-up pair to have us convinced is Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz with their film The Batman, which hits theaters today, March 4.

Despite them both being in happy relationships, there may never be a film couple as hot (figuratively and literally — Rob sweat on Zoë's face while filming) as R.Patz and Zoë. The duo showed off their faux passion during a shoot with Wonderland, featuring a rooftop sunset embrace and scantily-clad bedroom shots.

Both stars got a solo cover — a striking snap of Zoë behind a wet pane of glass and an endearing one of Rob speaking into a wall phone — as well as one together, in which Rob holds Zoë as they both sport leather ensembles. In other images from the spread, obtained by Daily Mail, the actress wears nothing save for a bed sheet while she and Rob get romp around under the covers.

In the rest of the photos, Zoë wears two different Catwoman-esque masks, bra tops, and fishnet stockings. Meanwhile, Rob stuck with his usual cool-guy M.O., sporting all-leather and suits — sadly, not his Batman one. However, during the interview, Zoë recalled the moment she first saw Rob in the famous costume. "When I saw you in the Batman suit, I was like, 'Oh my god, he looks more like Batman than anyone has,'" she told the publication. "And it's your fucking jawline really, I mean, you have this crazy graphic novel jawline – I was just blown away. He's not Rob anymore!"

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