Zoë Kravitz's Plunging, Lace-Up Gown Had Cat-Shaped Bra Cups


Zoe Kravitz The Batman Premiere
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Zoë Kravitz just took staying in character to a whole new level. The actress arrived at The Batman premiere in a purrfectly on-theme ensemble.

On Tuesday night, Kravitz attended the New York City premiere of The Batman alongside her co-star Robert Pattinson. For the occasion, Zoë wore a custom Oscar de la Renta black velvet gown with a plunging, lace-up bodice and a feline-shaped neckline. Two kitten heads served as the dress's bra cups.

Zoe Kravitz The Batman Premiere
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The actress, who stars as this generation's Catwoman, accessorized with several diamond rings and matching stud earrings. Her hair was pulled into a very tight bun, save for her tiny bangs which had one curled strand in the middle of her forehead to resemble a cat tail.

Zoë was joined on the red carpet by leading man, R.Patz, who also understood the assignment. For his part, Pattinson wore a Batman-meets-Edward Cullen-esque outfit that featured a long black overcoat with wide, popped lapels, as well as a matching button-up shirt and tie.

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz
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The two actors recently recalled their first scene together: a fight sequence that resulted in a very sweaty Robert wearing a suit without much ventilation.

"There's only one place where sweat can be released," Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly. "And it would drop directly between Zoë's eyes or nose. I could almost see it quivering at the end of my nose like, 'Don't drop!' It's like Mission: Impossible."

"I'd just be trying to do the scene, but also just looking at the one bead of sweat that I knew was about to fall," Zoë added. The film, directed by Matt Reeves, hits theaters on Friday, March 4.

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