Zoë Kravitz's Braless Ribbed Tank Top Look Is Effortless Perfection

An entire 2021 mood.

Zoë Kravitz looks effortless and amazing, once again. This time, that just so happens to be a selfie on the ground.

The actress posted a braless selfie to Instagram that shows off several of her arm tattoos as she lays on the ground. Basically, this entire picture is exactly how the last year of quarantine has looked — on the ground, devoid of a bra.

She even went for the bold no caption route to let the picture do the talking. And it spoke to us alright — from her perfectly arched brows to her flawless complexion to her blue tank worn braless.

And she's no stranger to taking effortless selfies. Her Instagram is chock full of smizes, perfected pouts, and lingerie-clad selfies. Zoë, we're going to need a master class in taking selfies — and maybe just being an overall cool girl.

And the influx in selfies actually makes perfect sense. Kravtiz told InStyle in January that these days, she's always looking for an excuse to put makeup on and grab the bold lip.

"I would feel kind of crazy right now putting on a red lip to go to the grocery store," she told us. "It's something that will feel like a really, really special occasion. I'm so excited for any situation that allows for a red lip."

She continued, "Or just surrender and commit to putting on an incredible red lipstick to go to the drugstore and buy tampons. Like, I'm down for that."

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