Zoë Kravitz Reveals Which Big Little Lies Co-Star Is Her Favorite Drinking Buddy

Zoe Kravitz
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From the bowling outings with Meryl Streep to the group selfies on set, it’s pretty clear that the cast of Big Little Lies has a good time when they’re filming their hit HBO show. But if Zoë Kravitz, AKA Bonnie Carlson, had to pick one castmate to have an after-hours drink with, she knows who it would be.

Reese [Witherspoon] is definitely one of my favorite drinking buddies,” Kravitz tells InStyle. “We have a lot of dinners, a lot of good hangs, and there's always booze flowing. We like to get silly together. But really, all of my Big Little Lies castmates are good drinking buddies. I love sitting down with Reese and Shailene [Woodley] and cracking open a beer.”

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Kravitz has had a nice cold one on her mind lately for more reasons that just kicking back with her co-stars. This week, she teamed up with Michelob Ultra Pure Gold — the first nationally distributed organic beer — to film a Super Bowl commercial in celebration of football’s favorite drink. And judging by the looks of the ad, we’re pretty sure her alterego, the all-natural, yoga-loving Bonnie would approve.

For the 45-second spot, Kravitz traveled to Honolulu to film an ASMR-style beer tasting in the middle of nowhere with the island’s breathtaking waterfalls and mountains as her backdrop (“Not a bad place to go to work,” she laughs). And while Kravitz admits that she might not be the first person that people associate with the Super Bowl, or beer for that matter (though she did attend SB XLIX when dad Lenny Kravitz performed during the halftime show; “It was cool, but kind of a culture shock,” she says), once she learned that the drink was organic she was totally on board to give it go.

“I was actually quite psyched to learn that people associate me with an organic lifestyle because while I try not to be too picky about it, it’s something that's important to me,” she says. Still there are some misconceptions that come with living the healthy life. “Sometimes I think there’s the idea that you have to be all or nothing in order to be organic. I mean, I do try and take care of myself, and I do like to know where my food is coming from, but that doesn’t mean I’m only taking wheatgrass shots all of the time. You can still enjoy all of the great things in life — you can have an organic beer and have it with a delicious grass-fed burger. Finding that balance is important, I think.”

Finding balance is something that Kravitz has become a pro at these days. Last February, she got engaged to actor Karl Glusman and when she’s not filming BLL or promoting one of her films (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald made over $500 million globally last year), the actress says wedding planning is underway. “I'm planning, slowly but surely,” she says. “It's a little intimidating, but I’m excited. And I’m just starting to put everything together. So…wish me luck!”

And just last month, she celebrated another major milestone — her 30th birthday — surrounded by family and friends. “I kept my birthday really mellow,” she says. “It was a simple dinner, but I had so many people and friends and family that I love with me. It was this beautiful reflection of the last 10 or so years of my life and a great validation of being on the right path. I looked around at these amazing people I have in my life and thought, ‘How lucky am I?’ It was a beautiful send-off into this new phase.”

2019 is set to be another big year for the star. “It just feels like a big fresh start — turning 30, getting married, writing on the show, producing. It’s like everything's a level deeper than it used to be,” she says. Her goal for the next decade? “Doing less things, but doing them better. Instead of doing a bunch of projects, I’d like to develop one project, which takes longer, but feels so much more rewarding, especially when you're getting something made that probably wouldn’t have been made otherwise,” she says. “That, and then also just really trying to enjoy life and take the time to spend time with people who I love.”

That, of course, includes her BLL co-stars, who are gearing up for some much-needed girl time when the show’s second season premieres on HBO this year. As for her character Bonnie, Kravitz says fans will learn more about her backstory this time around. “I'm really in awe of her as a character, because what you'll learn in the second season is that she comes from a difficult background and a difficult childhood,” she says. “I think that is why she ended up gravitating towards wellness and meditation and yoga so much, and I love that. When we go through hard things in our lives, we hit a crossroads of ‘How are we going to deal with this?’ And Bonnie is the kind of person that chose to heal herself and try and heal others, too. I think I could learn a lot from her," she adds. "And I know she’d be down to drink an organic beer, that’s for sure.”

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