Zendaya Reveals The "Magic Step" In Her Four-Minute Makeup Routine

If we took one valuable lesson away from the Teen Choice Awards, it's this: Zendaya is a master makeup artist. The 20-year-old did her own makeup for the event, and created a warm-toned look to compliment her disco-style curls. So—with proof that Zendaya is a one-woman glam squad—we are determined to take notes on the beauty lessons the former Disney star is posting on her app and website.

Z's latest "Bare Beauty Beat Tutorial" has a mission we can fully relate to: getting a glow with minimal products and minimal tools. The first step: get your face clean.

Then, follow Zendaya through some quick steps that involve little more than concealer, powder, bronzer, and cream blush. (The cream part is very important, mind you: "it makes it more dewy" than powder blush, Zendaya explains.)

Zendaya tops off her look with some mascara and brow powder, and then reveals the "magic step." And it is... drumroll please...Aquaphor! Could this hack be what gives Zendaya her glow? The tool that gives her the superpower to pull off ruffled deer sweaters?

The star dabs the drugstore product onto the same areas where she applied highlighter. "It's like sweat, but it's not," she says of the subtle shine. The last step is clear gloss, which Zendaya is very serious about. She calls the slick product a "wonderful, wonderful tool that makes all lips look amazing."

Duly noted!

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