The Royal Family Is Expecting Another Baby

Princess Anne's daughter Zara Tindall is pregnant with her third child.

The Queen's granddaughter,Zara Tindall is pregnant and expecting her third child with husband Mike Tindall.

On Wednesday, Mike revealed the news of the podcast The Good, The Bad & The Rugby. "It’s been a good week for me, had a little scan last week — third Tindall on its way," he said. "I’d like a boy this time. I’ve got two girls. I would like a boy, but I will love it whatever, whether it’s a boy or a girl but please be a boy!"

The couple's children Mia Grace, 6, and Lena Elizabeth, 2, apparently haven't been told the news yet according to Mike. "We haven’t told Mia yet just because we knew she would tell everyone at school," he said. "We will tell her now that we’ve gone through the scan. I think she’ll be happy about it. She has been requesting another sister or brother, so we’ve hopefully fulfilled that role for her. She just wants something different now. Lena is growing up – she’s two-and-a-half now. She wants someone younger to play with and dress up."

Zara is the daughter of Princess Anne. The new addition would be Anne's fourth grandchild, and her mother, the Queen's, ninth (or tenth) great-grandchild. Princess Eugenie is also pregnant and expecting a baby.

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