Yara Shahidi's Hidden Talent Makes Her the Greatest Party Guest

When you think “hidden talents,” it’s easy to jump straight to juggling or magic, but Black-ish star Yara Shahidi’s is less of a party trick and more of a useful skill. The 17-year-old actress told InStyle that her secret ability is her aptitude for creating playlists.

“I would have to say, I’m a really great DJ,” she says in the video at top. “A lot of time goes into those playlists, and a lot of times my playlists are associated with seasons, colors, outfits … And so I’d have to say that I should be paid to just professionally sit in the studio.”

Considering that Shahidi has starring roles in both Black-ish and spinoff College-ish, as well as an acceptance letter to Harvard University, her secret talent might remain a hobby for now. But get ready for some next-level dorm parties, Harvard class of 2022. Meanwhile, Shahidi shares her recommendations for how to build you own personal playlist.

Watch the video at top to learn which song she currently has on repeat.

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