Everything to Know About Alexis Bledel's Relationship with Husband Vincent Kartheiser

Little Rory Gilmore, aka Alexis Bledel, is all grown up ... and nominated for her second Emmy! The Handmaid’s Tale star took home the award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series last year for her portrayal of Ofglen/Emily, and this year she’s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress for the same role.

Clearly, a lot has changed since Alexis’s Stars Hollow days. The actress made a supremely un-Rory-like move when she guest starred on Mad Men in 2012 and felt a spark with her on-screen love interest Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell, objectively the slimiest character on Mad Men — which is saying a lot).

Two years later, she and Vincent wed, and about a year after that they welcomed their first child together.

Scroll down below for a run-down on Alexis and Vincent’s ultra-private relationship.

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They Didn’t Start Dating Until Two Months After Bledel’s Arc Wrapped

Though the flame was ignited on set, Kartheiser told Vulture that things remained strictly professional between him and Bledel until after season 5 wrapped. “We were completely professional. We never saw each other out. We never — it was nothing, it was just work.”

The Mad Men Cast and Crew Saw It Coming

Jon Hamm told Vulture, “I did know he liked her from a very early point. I was a supporter of that union.”

The series’ creator, Matthew Weiner, also saw the writing on the wall, explaining, “I told Vinnie that they would be great together. I was like, ‘Don’t blow it!’ Honestly, they’re a really good match. They’re both very down to earth, with a sense of responsibility and strong family ties. And they’ve been acting since before they can remember, which makes for a very special personality. It’s not just that I thought they would look cute together. Even with all of Alexis’s amazing qualities, I think that if she had not been such a good actress, he would not have been interested.”

Vincent Practiced His Proposal on His Co-Stars

The actor’s Mad Men co-stars Jessica Paré and Elisabeth Moss (who’d later star alongside Bledel in The Handmaid’s Tale) received a special preview of Kartheiser’s proposal. “It was purely comedic but he was giving [Elisabeth] and I a facetious rendition of his planned proposal,” Paré told People in 2013. “We were like, ‘Great! Let’s do this one without cursing and without yelling!’”

“They are such a yin and yang,” Moss said of Vincent and Alexis. “I’ve known Vinny for 12 years and Alexis is just the sweetest. I’ve never seen Vincent like this. It is really cool.”

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Luke Danes (aka Scott Patterson) Broke the News That Alexis and Vincent Had Welcomed a Child

Ahead of the Gilmore Girls revival, Patterson referred to Bledel in an interview as “a proud new mother” to her “young son,” officially spilling the beans that the ultra-low-key couple had started a family. Such a Luke move.

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