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Thirteen years ago, Jason Lewis did the unthinkable. He stole the heart of notorious commitment-phobe Samantha Jones on Sex and the City. OK, so it was actually his onscreen persona, model-turned-actor Smith Jerrod, who won over Kim Cattrall’s character—but it was easy to believe that the guy who played the good-natured Smith was just as charming off-camera.

Now, Lewis has traded urban city settings for the wild west. For his latest role, he plays rugged horse ranch manager Brannon Bratt opposite Sharon Stone in Running Wild, in theaters Friday, Feb. 10. The film follows the story of young widow Stella Davis (Dorian Brown Pham) who, in trying to save her family’s ranch as well as a group of sick wild horses, establishes a convict rehab program that allows prisoners to tend to the animals on her land. Stone plays the film’s villain, an animal rights extremist who arrives and tries to shut the program down for good, but the ranch’s team isn’t going down without a fight.

“It’s a story that shows people can really overcome anything, and I liked the idea of that a lot,” Lewis told InStyle earlier this week. “I think that often times, as we try to figure out our lives, we get lost trying to decide which direction to go in. But sometimes you just have to put your head down and put in the work until you get somewhere.”

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Here, Lewis dishes more about his latest role—and, of course, Sex and the City.

Did you have horse-riding experience before signing onto the film?
I’ve definitely ridden before. I loved it—animals are so lovely to be around. Every morning, I’d go out and cut some apples for the horses and love up on them. It was truly a wonderful part of our job having them around. Of course, the thing with horses is that they kind of do what they want to do, and at times they just want to wander even when you’re supposed to be saying your lines. My favorite part of filming was seeing the stunt guys work with some rodeo horses that were brought in. It was pretty awesome to watch those guys go and do fall stunts.

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The costumes are different from anything we’ve seen you in. Did you like the western wardrobe?
Oh, yeah—I had a fun costume. But in real life, I’m pretty urban. I’m more motorcycle boots than cowboy boots.

What was it like to work with Sharon Stone?
I didn’t share the bulk of my stuff with her, but she’s pretty professional. She’s pretty damn good at what she does.

There’s constant speculation about another installment of Sex and the City. If another reunion were to take shape in the future, would you be down to reprise your role?
Of course! The family at Sex and the City took such good care of me. If they did another one, I’d be happy to be there.

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What do you think Smith Jerrod would be doing today?
Probably still pushing his career and being entertaining, I guess. He did get good at it. I’d like to think he’s moved to be on the more creative side of things instead of just participating in other people’s works.

Running Wild will be in select theaters and on VOD starting Feb. 10.

Check out the trailer above.