Footage from New "Fifty Shades Darker' in Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik's Music Video LEAD
Credit: Courtesy

The buzz around Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik's newest duet doesn't look like it's coming to an end. The duo released the official lyric video for their hit, "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," which features exclusive and, of course, steamy footage from the upcoming film Fifty Shades Darker. The song was written for the sexy sequel to 2015's Fifty Shades of Grey and is on its way to earning a top 10 spot on Billboard's Hot 100 chart after already clinching the No. 1 spot on iTunes almost immediately after its release.

The music video above features on-screen text of the catchy lyrics but what keeps our eyes glued to the screen are the several appearances from the movie's beloved duo. Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, and Anastasia Steele, played by Dakota Johnson, are seen playing out their sultry relationship throughout the video as they sail on a luxurious yacht, passionately make out in both the shower and the elevator, and attend a cliché but totally romantic masquerade ball. It gets us even more excited for the highly anticipated sequel.

Fifty Shades Darker will release on Valentine's Day 2017, along with the rest of the movie's soundtrack. Fingers crossed that T.Swift and Malik decide to drop a music video of their own for "I Don't Wanna Live Forever," but for now make sure you watch the lyric video above.

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